Descendants of Robert BURNETT of Eryholme


3. William BURNETT

The will of John EMERSON, curate of Eryholme, dated 11 Apr 1571, mentions debts owing to William BURNET - without doubt this individual.

William BURNETT was a named beneficiary of the will of Robert BURNETT of Dalton on Tees in 1606 and was identified as a brother. William was also charged with responsibilty for the tuition & guardianship of the interests of his brother's third daughter Jane BURNETT and was a joint supervisor of the will. William's wife and his children were unnamed beneficiaries of the will.

William was also a named beneficiary of the will of his brother John BURNETT, proved in 1624. This will also named William's two sons, William Jnr. and Thomas, as beneficiaries. One of these two sons had a son named William at the time the will was made in 1620 [John BURNETT named William BURNETT, grandchild of his brother William, as a beneficiary but it was not stated which of William's two sons was the father. Subsequent research has shown that it was in fact William's son Wiliam Jnr. who was the father].

At an inquisition post mortem held at Richmond [Yorks] on 7 Aug 1624, after the death of John BURNETT Snr. of Dalton on Tees, gentleman, his brother William BURNETT [this William] had been declared the 'heir apparent' in spite of the fact that William BURNETT was 82yrs old. This was most unusual and implies that John BURNETT Snr. had no surviving male heir. He may however have had one or more daughters.

William was involved in a dispute with the Lord of the Manor of Eryholme in 1625:
13 Jun 1625, a bill of complaint made by Sir John Calverley, Knt. against William Burnett: Manor of Eriholm, a tenement called "Hillhouse," and a field called "Breakhouse." Customs of the manor.
[National Archive ref: E 134/3Chas1/Mich10]

8. Susanna BURNETT

Paver's Index to Marriage Licences issued by the Archbishop of York includes:
1600, AISLABY, Thomas of Fieldalehall, Gent., Kildale?(69) & BURNETT, Susan daur. of William B., of Breakhouse, Par. Eriholme [sic], for marriage at Eriholme.

The marriage did take place at Eryholme, on 2 Dec 1600, which gives an estimated birthdate before 1582 for Susan BURNETT [assuming a likely minimum age of 18yrs at marriage]. This was at least 10yrs before the first of four baptisms of known children of William BURNETT of Breakhouse and at least 18yrs before the last of these baptisms in 1600. It is possible that William married twice and Susan[na] was a daughter of his first marriage.

4. Robert BURNETT

Robert left a will dated 31 Aug 1606 at Dalton of Tees. Beneficiaries in order of mention were:
Wife Meriall [sic] - third part of all personal estate, the "Little farmhold" in Dalton & "Startforth Farm" in Dalton; sole executrix.
Eldest son John BURNETT - the "Great farmhold" in Dalton & a farm in Eryholme plus property above on death of his mother.
Brother Mr John BURNETT of Dalton - tuition and 'guardianship' of bequests to son John in trust.
Children Robert BURNET, Thomas BURNET, Anne BURNET, Margaret BURNET, Jane BURNET, Mary BURNET and child with whom wife was heavily pregnant - equal share of a third part of all personal estate at age 21yrs to the survivors.
Brother in law Mr Robert COOPER of Durham - tuition and bequests to second son Robert BURNETT in trust
Nephew Mr. James PENNYMAN of Ormesby - tuition and bequests to third son Thomas BURNETT in trust
Mother in law Margaret COOPER - tuition and bequests to second daughter Margaret BURNETT in trust
Brother William BURNET - tuition and bequests to third daughter Jane BURNETT in trust
Wife Meriall - tuition and bequests to eldest daughter Anne BURNETT and youngest daughter Mary and unborn child in trust
Brother in law Mr John COOPER - to assume responsibility for tuition and bequests to Anne, Mary and unborn child at such time as brother John BURNET and brother in law Mr. Robert COOPER think fit.
Brothers John BURNET and William BURNET, brother in law Robert COOPER and nephew James PENNYMAN - supervisors of will.

There was a "Memorandum" [Codicil] written in to the will:
The legacies of the farms in Dalton and Eryholme not to take effect until after 3 May next so that the testator's goods might in the meantime be kept on these premises and sold to best benefit.
To the poor of the parish of Croft - £10
Mother in law, brother in law Robert COOPER and his wife, brother in law John COOPER, brother in law Christopher COOPER - 10/- each
Brother John BURNET and his wife - 10/- each
Brother William BURNETT and his wife - 10/- each
Sister METCALFE - 10/-
Sister ANDERSON - 10/-
Brother in law Mr PENNYMAN - 10/-
and cousin [Sic] James PENNYMAN his son - 20/-
Cousin John BURNETT - 20/-
Cousin Ann HOWARD -10/-
Brother William's children - 5/- each
Brother in law Mr PENNYMAN's children - 5/- each
Brother in law Mr Robert COOPER's children - 5/- each
All of his Godchildren - 2/- each
Nephew Mr Christopher ASHE and his wife - 10/- each
All of his servants at the time of his death - 3/4d each

A further "Memorandum" stated that the unborn child mentioned in the will was later born and Christened and named William BURNET and was alive at the time of probate of the will. Probate was granted to Meriall [sic] BURNETT, relict of the deceased, on 3 Apr 1607.