Descendants of Philip BURNETT of Levisham


9. Thomas BURNETT

A baptism entry in the parish register for Kirkdale in 1801 reads:
"Baptised 30th September John the son of Thomas Burnip and Ann Robinson"
It must be assumed that BURNIP was written down as a result of a mis-heard BURNIT (which is how the name BURNETT sounds in the dialect of this part of Yorkshire). John was therefore almost certainly the illegitimate child of Thomas BURNETT of Pickering, who did eventually marry Ann ROBINSON, at Scalby, in 1805. Both Scalby and Kirkdale are some distance from Pickering - which is where most of their legitimate children were baptised.

North Riding of Yorkshire, Register of Deeds, 1814:
A "Memorial of Indenture of lease and release" dated 6 & 7 May 1814, involved all "children who survived the age of twenty one years of Matthew Burnett, late of Pickering, yeoman, and his wife Elizabeth both deceased intestate". The deed concerns a "close or parcel of land" measuring approx. 8 acres in "a place called the Low Carr, within the township of Pickering". Those named in the deed include Thomas Burnett of Pickering, yeoman.(sic) [Thomas was in fact a lime burner]

1841 census: HO107/1260/4, folio 19, p10 - folio 20, p11
Can Lane, Snainton
Thomas BURNETT, 60, Limeburner,  Y [born Yks]
Robert       do     20, Joiner, Y
Thomas      do     17, Joiner, Y
Elizabeth SKELTON , 30, Widow, Y  [Thomas Burnett's daughter - she married Richard SKELTON, 15 Dec 1827, Brompton by Sawdon]
Robinson      do   13, Y
James           do   10, Y

1851 census: HO107/2368, folio 695, p10
Thomas BURNETT, head, wid, 73, former lime burner, Pickering
Joseph        do      son, unm, 25, master tailor employing 2 men, Snainton
Amey [sic]  do   dtr/lw, wid, 30, house servant, Ruston
Ann             do    grdtr, 6, scholar, Snainton
Sarah COULTAS, lodg, wid, 63, lodger, East Ayton


Although Mary was baptised on the same day as her sister Elizabeth, it is unlikely that they were twins.

One of Mary's sons, Henry Merry Cross, was an executor of the will of Alice Burnett, Mary's sister-in-law (wife of her brother John), on 22 Aug 1872.

29. Elizabeth (BONNET) BURNETT

Although Elizabeth was baptised on the same day as her sister Mary, it is unlikely that they were twins.


*Possibly* the Martha BURNETT who married Robert DIXON during or before 1852. They had a son named Matthew baptised at Scarborough on 5 Aug 1852. The GRO Index of Marriages has: BURNETT, Martha, Mar 1841, Pickering, 24 389 - quite likely to have been the above marriage.

14. Matthew BURNETT

North Riding of Yorkshire, Register of Deeds, 1814:
A "Memorial of Indenture of lease and release" dated 6 & 7 May 1814, involved all "children who survived the age of twenty one years of Matthew Burnett, late of Pickering, yeoman, and his wife Elizabeth both deceased intestate". The deed concerns a "close or parcel of land" measuring approx. 8 acres in "a place called the Low Carr, within the township of Pickering". The deed includes Matthew Burnett of Wykeham, labourer.

17. William BURNETT

North Riding of Yorkshire, Register of Deeds, 1814:
A "Memorial of Indenture of lease and release" dated 6 & 7 May 1814, involved all "children who survived the age of twenty one years of Matthew Burnett, late of Pickering, yeoman, and his wife Elizabeth both deceased intestate". The deed concerns a "close or parcel of land" measuring approx. 8 acres in "a place called the Low Carr, within the township of Pickering". The named children included William Burnett of Thornton, blacksmith.

1841 census: HO107/1260/15, folio 8, p10
Little Barugh, Kirkby Misperton
William BURNETT, 43, blacksmith, Y [born Yks]
Ann               do     42, Y
John              do     23, Y
Elizabeth        do    20, Y
Ann               do     15, Y
William DOWSON,  35, ind[ependent], born Yks
[The name William DOWSON was possibly a wrongly transcribed DAWSON. William BURNETT's son Thomas married Margaret DAWSON.

1851 census: HO107/2373, folio 266, p12
Little Barugh
William BURNETT, head, 57, blacksmith & publican, born Pickering
Ann           do       wife, 55, born Thornton
Elizabeth    do       dau, 29, unm, born Great Barugh
Joseph       do      grson, 6, scholar, born Little Barugh
Wm           do       grson, 3, born Little Barugh
John WILSON,  lodgr, 70, unm, annuitant, born Appleton le Moor

1861 census: RG9/3643, folio 31, p2
Blacksmiths Arms, Barughs Ambo
William BURNITT, head, 66, master blacksmith & publican, Pickering
Ann         do          wife, 63, Thornton
Joseph     do        grson, 15, labouring blacksmith, Little Barugh

"Hull Packet" newspaper, Fri. 23rd May 1862:
Phobe Boyes, wife of Joseph Boyes, Little Barugh, was charged with stealing one sovereign, the property of Mr. Wm. Burnett, balcksmith and innkeeper, Little Barugh. the prisoner was employed as charwoman at the house of Mr. Burnett. She was apprehended at Little Barugh, in Mr. Barker's draper's shop, purchasing drapery. She was brought to the lock-up at Pickering, when she was [convicted and] sentenced on 19th instant to 14 days imprisonment at Northallerton.

1871 census: RG10/4842, folio 37, p9
Blacksmith's Arms, Barughs Ambo
Robert DAWSON, head, 27, blacksmith & publican, Rillington
Elizabeth       do      wife, 23, Rillington
Jessie             do     dau, 2,do
Edmund         do     son, 1, do
William BURNITT, head, 78, retired blacksmith, Pickering
Ann           do          wife, 78, Thornton
[Yet another connection between William BURNETT and the DAWSON family]

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, William, Dec 1873, Pickering, 9d 277, age 81


Malton Messenger, 20 Apr 1861: Births, Marriages & Deaths columns.
"On the 11th inst., at Whitewall, Ann BURNETT, widow of the late Mr. Wm. BURNETT, aged 57".

The given age at death suggests birth c1804 but ages given in census returns of 1841 and 1851 are consistent with a birth in 1799.

20. John BURNETT

1841 census: HO107/1262/11, folio 3, p12
Cawton Village
John BURNETT, 45, Farmer, Y [born Yks]
Hannah   do     34, Y
John        do      6, Y
Hannah    do      4, Y
Christiana do      1, Y
/MarySHEPHERD, 75, Independent, Y
Richard LYON, 20, Independent, Y
Plus five 'servants'
John Snr's given age suggests birth between 1792 and 1796. Mary SHEPHERD was almost certainly John's mother-in-law and Richard LYON was probably his nephew - son of sister Etty and her husband Matthew LYON.

1851 census: HO107/2357, folio 272, p14
Village of Langton
John BURNETT, head, 59, farmer of 350 acres, Lockton
Hannah     do     wife, 40, Barugh
John          do     son, 16, Cawton
Christiana  do     dau, 11, scholar, Cawton
Hannah      do     dau, 13, Cawton
James         do     son, 9, scholar, Cawton
C. S.          do     son, 1, Langton [known to be Charles Seymour BURNETT who was registered 'blind']
Maria SMITH, visit, 20, unm, family teacher, Malton
Sarah WOOD, serv, 17, house servant, Melmethorpe
Elizabeth BAIN, serv, 17, do , Malton
Robert RASLOW, serv, 18, farm servant, Pickering
William WOOD, serv, 22, unm, do, Melmethorpe
John HOLMES, serv, 16, do, Huttons Ambo
John HOBSON, serv, 14, do, Mennethorpe [sic]
R. GOODWILL, serv, 14, do, Ellethorpe

1861 census: RG9/3624, folio 85, p21
John BURNETT, head, 70, farmer 350 acres, Lockton
Hannah        do      wife, 54, Barugh
Christiana     do      dau, 21, unm, Cawton
James            do     son, 19, unm, Cawton
Charles S.      do     son, 11, Langton
George SHEPHERD,  visit, 74, wid, farmer at Scorton, Barugh
Harriet HEPWORTH,  serv, 24, unm, house servant, Lippington
John THORPE, serv, 22, unm, waggoner, Appleton-le-Street
Richard THOMPSON, serv, 17, plough boy, Huttons Ambo
William HORNER, serv, 16, groom, Slingsby

April 1862:
Jno. BURNETT and Wm. HOLMES were named in the List of Overseers and Constables published in the "Malton Messenger" of 12 Apr 1862. They were to serve as overseers for Langton.

Headstone inscription in Langton churchyard: "John BURNETT, died 22 September 1869, age 78" - 'confirms' birth c1791

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, John, Sep 1869, Malton, 9d 248, age 78.

John left a will which was proved at York by his son James BURNETT and John BRIGHAM of Langton, on 10 Dec 1869. Value of effects £3000.


1881 census: Ref RG11/4716, folio 151, p41
15 Vyner Street, Clifton, City of York
Hannah BURNETT, head, wid, 74, annuitant, Gt. Barugh
Charles S.     do        son, unm, 31, annuitant, Langton [Handicap: Blind]

Hannah and her youngest son Charles, both living on independent means, in one of the better districts of the City of York. Hannah's given age suggests birth in 1807 - consistent with the date of her baptism. If the given age for Charles is accurate Hannah gave birth to him when she was 43yrs old - eight years after the birth of her previous child.

47. Hannah BURNETT

1841 census: living with parents & siblings at Cawton - see notes for father John BURNETT

1851 census: living with parents & siblings at Langton - see notes for father John BURNETT

Obituary in the "Malton Messenger" of 4 Nov 1854.
"On Thursday, October 26, at Langton, Hannah, eldest surviving daughter of Mr. John Burnett, farmer, aged 17 years".

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, Hannah, Dec 1854, Malton, 9d 215

48. Christiana BURNETT

1841 census: living with parents & siblings at Cawton - see notes for father John BURNETT

1851 census: living with parents & siblings at Langton - see notes for father John BURNETT

1871 census: RG10/4823, folio 72, p23
Living with her brother James BURNETT at West Farm, Langton - see notes for brother James BURNETT

1881 census: RG11/4718, folio 6, p5
57 Petergate, Holy Trinity Goodramgate, York
Joseph SOWRAY, head, 44, chemist & druggist, Belper, Derbyshire
Christiana     do      wife, 41, Cawton, Yorks[former Christiana BURNETT]
Walter           do     son, 8, scholar, City of York
Mabel             do    dau, 5,   do          do
Alice C.          do     dau, 2,   do          do
Matilda SOWRAY, sist, 49, unm, Ashover, Derbyshire
William BOYES, app, 15, apprentice chemist & druggist, London, Middlesex
Rose MOYSER, serv, 17, domestic servant, City of York
[Christiana's given age suggests birth in c1840 - which is consistent with her date of baptism.]

1891census: RG12/3886, folio 38, p19
Living at Petergate, City of York, age 51, birthplace Cawton. Brother Charles Seymour BURNETT, registered blind, living with the family.

The following information was provided by Johanna COTTER:
Extract from newspaper [source and date unknown]
LISHMAN - SOWRAY: on the 22nd inst. at St. John's Church, Oakland, California, USA (by cable), Norman, son of Mr. E. Lishman of Oakland to Alice Christiana, youngest daughter of Mr. Joseph Sowray, of Petergate, York.

Extract from a letter, dated 15 Jun 1905, from Mabel SOWRAY at 57 Petergate, York, to her sister Alice in America.
"... Walter had a letter from Philip asking for the loan of his frock coat to be best man at Edwin Halder's wedding on the 27th ..."
[Philip was almost certainly Philip BURNETT a second cousin to Walter, Mabel and Alice. Edwin HALDER was also a second cousin]

Extract from letter, dated 29 Sept 1907, from Mary BURNETT of Tontine House, Kirbymoorside, to Alice LISHMAN, 1404 Eighth Ave. Oakland, California.
"... went to London with Alice Rowland to buy her trousseau for her wedding on 15th October at Goathland. Did you know that Evadne Shepherd is engaged to Leonard B?" [could Leonard B. have been Leonard BURNETT?]
The letter was signed "Cousin Mary Burnett"

50. Charles Seymour BURNETT

The given ages for Charles in successive census returns are all consistent with birth in c1850, when his father was 56yrs old and his mother 43yrs old - eight years after the birth of their previous child. His birth registration has not been found in GRO Index of Births.

1851 census: living with parents & siblings at Langton - see notes for father John BURNETT

1871 census: living with his brother James at Langton - see notes for brother James BURNETT.

1881 census: living with his mother at 15 Vyner Street, Clifton, York, [RG11/4716, Folio151, Page 41]
Given age 31, birthplace Langton and recorded as blind.

1891 census: RG12/3886, folio 38, p19
Petergate, City of York
Charles Seymour BURNETT, brother-in-law, single, age 41, born Langton, blind - was living with his sister Christiana SOWRAY, her husband Joseph and their family. The given age confirms birth c1850

1901 census: RG13/4560, folio 52, p11
Charles BURNETT, 51, born Langton, brush and net maker, was living with his niece Annie ROWLAND and her family, at 3 St. Hilda's Tce, Whitby.

"Malton Messenger"...Nov 5 1904
Death Announcements:- BURNETT - On the 1st November, at York, Charles Seymour Burnett late of Langton aged 54 years.
Given age at death also consistent with birth in 1850]

Information from Johanna Cotter indicates that Charles had been blind from the age of sixteen but gives no further details.


Robert was living at Scalby and already farming when he married Mary MILLER in 1827. At that time he may have been a tenant farmer or he could have been living in Scalby but farming at a family farm in Cloughton. Certainly at the time of the 1841 census he was farming at Cloughton.

1841 census: HO107/1261/8, folio 6, p3
"Ripleys", Cloughton
Robert BURNETT, 40, farmer, Y [born Yks]
Mary          do  , 35, Y
William        do  , 14, Y
Philip           do  , 10, Y
Ann              do  , 9, Y
Elizabeth      do   , 8, Y
Robert          do   , 6, Y
Mary             do   , 4, Y
Matthew        do  , 3, Y
Hannah          do  , 9m, Y
/William LANGDALE, 25, M.S , Y
John STONEHOUSE, 18, M.S., Y
John CARTER, 15, M.S, Y
Mary WILSON, 20, F.S., Y

Robert probably inherited the farm at Cloughton from his father Philip BURNETT, who died in 1838, and who declared in his will that sons John and Robert had already been 'taken care of'. Robert's brother John, in his turn, probably inherited the farm at Langton where he was living at the time of both 1851 and 1861 censuses.

Robert died at Cloughton in 1845 - just 50 years old - and his wife Mary and their eldest son Philip BURNETT continued to run the farm. When his mother died in 1861 Philip took over the farm.

Robert left a will, proved Apr 1846, ....


1851 census: HO107/2368, folio 584, p1
Ripleys, Cloughton
Mary BURNETT, head, wid, 45, farmer 365 acres, Ugglebarnby
Philip        do       son, unm, 21, Cloughton
Ann           do      dau, unm, 19, do
Elizabeth     do     dau, unm, 18, do
Robert       do       son, 16, do
Mary         do        dau, 13, scholar, Cloughton
Matthew     do        son, 12,     do       do
Hannah       do       dau, 10,      do       do
Christiana    do         dau, 9,      do       do
John COOKE, serv, 28, farm servant, born Cayton
The next dwelling on the census return was "Ellis Close Farm" the home of Henry HALDER, his wife and their ten children - including a son named Thomas who was 20yrs old at that time. This Thomas HALDER married Mary BURNETT's daughter, Mary Jnr., in 1860.

51. William BURNETT

William was not recorded at home with his widowed mother and siblings at the time of the 1851 census. Much later, in 1898, his younger brother Philip made a sworn affidavit concerning 'ownership' of a property known as "Goathland House" in Goathland, in which he stated that "... my brother William Burnett went to America in the year 1852 and has never since been heard of and is believed to have died shortly after that date without having been married and intestate...".

An index to people who emigrated from England to America, having converted to the "Mormon" religion, lists a William Burnett, born 1827, who departed from Liverpool in 1855 bound for New York. The birth year is correct and the year of departure for America is close enough to make it a real possibility that the Mormon emigrant was this William Burnett, brother of Philip and son of Robert & Mary Burnett of Cloughton near Scarborough. It is perhaps significant that another member of this family, William's younger brother Matthew Burnett, after his "conversion" in 1857, became an ardent Evangelist and Temperance Advocate [though not a Mormon apparently]. In 1863 he went to Australia where he became widely know as "the Yorkshire Gough" and was said to have been responsible for the conversion of tens of thousands of people in Australia and New Zealand.

55. Elizabeth BURNETT

1851 census: with widowed mother & siblings in Cloughton - see notes for mother Mary MILLER

1861 census: ?

1871 census: ?

1881 census: RG11/5044, folio 101, p8
Sherburn Tower, Winlaton, Durham
Thomas GRAY, head, 60, wid, farmer of 305 acres, Sleaford, Lincoln
George W. do , son, 21, unm, farmer, Gateshead, Durham
Alice  GRAY, dau, 19, Gateshead, Durham
Fanny    do , dau, 17, do
Nelly     do , dau, 15, do
Elizabeth BURNETT, serv, 48, unm, housekeeper, Cloughton, Yorkshire **---------- [Elizabeth was born at Scalby in Cloughton parish]
Margaret BURTON, serv, 20, unm, general domestic servant, Winlaton, Durham
Sophia TORPOISE, serv, 18, unm, do, Norfolk

Elizabeth remained a spinster throughout her life. She left a will, dated 4 Jul 1889, proved 13 Feb 1891, which named her brother Philip BURNETT of Birdsall as one of the executors. Estate valued at £77. Elizabeth was living at 71 North Marine Rd. Scarborough at the time of her death.

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, Elizabeth, Dec 1890, Scarborough, 9d 237, age 57

56. Robert BURNETT

"Hull Packet" newspaper, Fri. 28th Jan 1859:
FATAL ACCIDENT - On Thursday last, about noon, John Allan, a boy in the service of Mr. Burnett of Cloughton Ripleys, met with an accident resulting in his death.... On the day in question he and another boy had each been leading a horse to the watering-place, and in returning, the other boy entered the stable first. After fastening up both horses his companion observed Allen laid outside the door, apparently in a state of suffering .... Mr. Robert Burnett, who was in the yard, was called, and the boy died almost instantly. On examination it was found that he had been kicked on the back part of the head. An inquest was held over the body on Saturday ... when a verdict of 'Accidental Death' was returned. Deceased was a fine boy, 14 years of age, a native of Falsgrave, and was much esteemed by his master, in whose service he has been for the last two years.

The Robert Burnett who responded to the call for help, was 'this' Robert, son of the young boy's master Mr. Robert Burnett of "Ripleys". Three months later Robert Burnett Jnr. had also died - he died on 19 Apr 1859 in rather unfortunate circumstances.

"Leeds Mercury" newspaper, 23 Apr 1859:
SUICIDE at CLOUGHTON NEAR SCARBOROUGH - An inquest was held on Wednesday (20 April) on the body of Robert Burnett of Cloughton, near Scarborough, who was found suspended by the neck, and quite dead, in an outhouse, on the preceding day. Deceased, though only twenty-four years of age, has been in a dejected state of mind, on account, it is thought, of the bad season he has had in rearing his live stock. A verdict of "Temporary insanity" was returned.

One wonders how much the death of young John ALLEN, and Robert's unsuccessful attempts to revive him, had played a part in his "dejected state of mind".

57. Mary BURNETT

"Hull Packet" newspaper, Fri. Oct 11th 1850:
"Mary Burnett of Cloughton, and Ann Davison of Scarborough, two ill-conducted females. were charged by the police with knocking on a number of doors for the purpose of unnecessarily disturbing the inmates, at one o'clock in the morning, for which they were suitably reprimanded and discharged on promising not to offend again"

Mary would have been 13yrs old at the time of this incident. Obviously teenage high spirits but what was a 13yr old girl doing up and about at 1 o'clock in the morning? Getting teenage kicks all through the night?

58. Matthew BURNETT

Matthew was baptised at the same time as his sister Hannah on 23 Aug 1840 but they were not twins. For some reason Matthew was being baptised late - it is known from 1841 census returns that he was born in c1837 and Hannah in 1840.

1841 census: HO107/1261/8, folio 6, p3
With parents and siblings in Cloughton - see notes for father Robert BURNETT

1851 census: HO107/2368, folio 584, p1
Living with his widowed mother and siblings in Cloughton - see notes for mother Mary MILLER

1861 census: RG9/ folio 53, p5
4 Lower east Street, Middlesbrough
John GRAHAM, head, 21, grocer, Osmotherley
Hannah     do    wife, 22, Stockton
Frederick  do   son, 1, Middlesbrough
Martha HAMLEY, serv, 15, house servant, Middlesbrough
Matthew BURNETT,  visit, 22, unm, draper, Cloughton

At this time Matthew had already undergone a 'conversion' and had become a staunch temperance advocate. His conversion was brought about by the ministry of a lady named Sarah Middleton GIBSON, a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church who lived in Scarborough. Matthew later married Sarah - their marriage was registered at Hull during the March quarter of 1863 - and he took his message first to Australia, later to New Zealand.

A collection of biographies taken from the papers of various Australian churches includes an "In Memoriam" of a Mrs BURNETT published in the "Wesleyan Chronicle" from which the following is an extract:
"Born Sarah Middleton Gibson on February 6th, 1834, and born again on January 9th, 1855. The unfeigned faith which was in her dwelt first in her beloved mother, and in her grandparents who were Methodists of John Wesley's days, and this grace of pious ancestry bestowed upon her was not in vain. She possessed a good natural understanding, and enjoyed many social and spiritual advantages.
Her early days were spent in Scarborough, Yorkshire, and her ardent and intelligent piety was the more developed under the ministrations of a succession of eminent servants of God, and expositors of His Word, one spiritual charm and glory of that queen of watering places. In those days she was noted for 'works of faith and labours of love' among the poor and the fallen, and for the gift of earnest and impassioned prayer. [One particular] illustration of this last grace might be given.
A reckless youth, hastening to early ruin, engaged her compassionate concern. She sought to save him, with fear pulling him out of the fire. For twelve months she pleaded without ceasing for this, until, being in an agony, she prayed more earnestly, and in the climax of her mighty supplication, cried, 'Lord, let me die rather than his soul be lost!' And she was heard in that she feared. He who said, 'I have pardoned according to thy word,' gave her a distinct assurance that he had heard her concerning this thing also, and that this soul too should be the crown of her 'rejoicing in the day of the Lord Jesus.'
Simultaneously the sin-convicting Spirit arrested the youthful profligate, and wrought strangely upon his heart, and that evening 'stricken and penitent' he sought mercy, 'with strong crying and tears,' at the altar of prayer. That young man became, in the courses of time, the husband of Miss Gibson, and the honoured instrument in the hand of God of turning many to righteousness."

The reckless youth whom Miss Gibson saved was of course Matthew BURNETT.

Sarah Middleton BURNETT died at Prahran, a suburb of Melbourne, on 25th October, 1870.

The now widowed Matthew BURNETT continued his work in Australia for another twelve years finally leaving for New Zealand in 1882 - confirmed in this extract from the "Hawera & Normanby Star", Volume VIII, Issue 1503, 15 December 1886, Page 2 :
"In the course of his valedictory address, Matthew Burnett, the temperance advocate, remarked that since landing at the Bluff four years ago, he had held no fewer than 1250 services, 1000 being as an advocate of temperance principles, and the remainder on purely religious matters."

Matthew appears to have been back in England by June 1890 and is known to have been in the Pickering area in November 1891** - see note below - but has not been found in 1891 census returns.

"Memoir of Joseph Smith of South Holme, late of Huggate and Riseborough, Wesleyan Local Preacher, with records from his diary,  together with speeches and sermons from 1823-1898", contains the following references -
June 9th 1890
"At Hovingham in the afternoon. Brought back with me Mr. Matthew Burnett, who had recently returned to England, after twenty-seven years' temperance work amongst the Maori tribes in Australia"
October 27th 1890
"I went to Scarborough. Attended meeting at night, in Town Hall, to welcome Mr. Matthew Burnett, after twenty-seven years' absence in Australia ..."
November 2nd 1891
"Went to Pickering to preside over a meeting addressed by Mr. M. Burnett" **
April 12th 1892
"At Major Scoby's to tea and presided at Normanby at a lecture by Mr. Matthew Burnett"

Extract from "Temperance and Prohibition in new Zealand", by J. Malton Murray & Rev. J. Cocker, 1930:
"Valuable service has been rendered from time to time by the visits of temperance advocates. In those earlier years these were pledge-signing campaigns — a feature that, unfortunately, has become less conspicuous since the emergence of the demand to get rid of the liquor traffic by voting it out of existence. The permanence of any gain secured by legislation would be made all the more certain by the extent to which people were won to the practice of total abstinence. Much good work had been done on these lines by such organizations as Good Templars, Rechabites, and the Band of Hope movement, but there was both scope for, and need of, a popular appeal on a wide scale. Hence the advent in 1885 of a temperance advocate who had gained considerable popularity in Australia—Mr. Matthew Burnett—was hailed with great expectations. If those expectations were not all realized it was not because Mr. Burnett was lacking either in zeal, sincerity or ability. He was a Yorkshireman, charged with emotion, and having to his credit the rescue and rehabilitation of not a few sad wrecks of humanity. The story of some of these rescues, relieved by touches of pathos and humour, made up the ground-work of impassioned appeals for total abstinence that led to pledge-signing on a large scale at all his meetings. Mr. Burnett's unselfishness and geniality commended him to all associated with him in the various missions he held."

According to an obituary written shortly after his death in 1896, Matthew was born at White Horse Farm near Cloughton in 1839. He spent the early years of his working life in business, with Messrs. W. Rowntree of Scarborough. After his "conversion" in 1857 he became an ardent evangelist and temperance advocate. In 1863 he went to Australia where he became widely know as "the Yorkshire Gough" and was said to have been responsible for the conversion of tens of thousands of people in Australia and New Zealand. He was buried in Scarborough on 22 Jan 1896 and it has been assumed that he died at Scarborough, though the obituary does not state where he died. The obituary does not indicate that Matthew had been married.

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, Matthew, Mar 1896, Scarborough, 9d 228 [age 57]

59. Hannah BURNETT

Hannah married Simeon Lord EMMERSON in 1875, probably at her home parish of Cloughton. There were no children of the marriage.

1881 census: RG11/4806, folio 118, p1
Stainton Dale
Simeon Lord EMMERSON, head, 52, farmer of 90 acres, Newholm nr Whitby
Hannah                 do             wife, 40, Cloughton
Margaret Ann HALDER,  niece, 17, Lockton nr Pickering
Mary Ann WEBB,  servant, 20, general domestic servant, South Wales
John HOSTLER,  servant, 29, unm, farm servant, Cloughton
Niece Margaret Ann HALDER was a daughter of Hannah's deceased elder sister Mary BURNETT, who had married Thomas HALDER in 1860 and died in 1876.

1891 census: RG12/3968, folio 84, p3
Hannah & husband Simeon still at Stainton Dale. Niece Mary Ann HALDER still living with them and also Mary Ann's brother, nephew Philip M. B. HALDER, and another niece named Mary DAWSON.

1901 census: RG13/4534, folio 52, p5
Hannah & husband Simeon were at "Plane Tree Farm" in Stainton Dale. Niece Mary DAWSON was the only relative still living with them.

60. Christiana BURNETT

1881 census: living with her brother Philip Burnett and his family in Langton village. Named as "Kitty" on the census return and descibed as Philip's sister, unmarried, age 30yrs, birthplace Scalby in Yorkshire. [see notes for brother Philip]
The given age suggests birth in c1851, six years after her supposed father died and when her supposed mother would have been 51yrs old. GRO Index of Births does not list her birth in 1850/51 but does have a Christiana Burnett birth registered in the Scarborough district during the March quarter of 1842. It is possible that this was Kitty (Christiana) and that there was an error in transcribing her age from the 1881 census return. However, it is also possible that she was an illegitimate child of one of Philip's siblings - possibly his unmarried sister Elizabeth, who would have been 17yrs old in 1851 - and that her birth was not registered.

1891 census: RG12/3963, folio 6, p5
Recorded as a "visitor" with Elizabeth BARNSDALE, a lodging-house keeper, at 69 North Marine Rd., Scarborough. Given age 40yrs, birthplace Cloughton, living on own means.
The given age of 40yrs is consistent with the age given in 1881 (see above) suggesting that Christiana was indeed born in 1851

1901 census: age 60, born Cloughton, living with her brother Philip at Birdsall - see notes for brother Philip BURNETT.