Descendants of Philip BURNETT of Levisham


53. Philip BURNETT

"Hull Packet" newspaper, Fri. 28th Jan 1859:
ACCIDENT - On Monday the 17th inst., Mr. Philip Burnett of Cloughton Ripleys, having mounted a young horse for the first time, rode it about the farm-yard, when proving very tractable and gentle, he thought he would venture to ride it a short distance from home to a place where he had to go that day on business. No sooner had he got out of the yard than the spirited animal commenced prancing and rearing up on its hind feet, fell backwards on Mr. Burnett, crushing and flesh-rendering his leg, besides sustaining other injuries which are likely to confine him to his room for some time.

1861 census: RG9/3620, folio 73, p7
Ripleys, Cloughton
Philip BURNETT, head, unm, 31, farmer of 265 acres, Cloughton
Anndosist, unm, 29, Cloughton
Christiana dosist, unm, 19,do
Hannahdosist, unm, 20,do
Jane MATIMESserv, unm, 23, house servant, Iburndale
Thomas WALLERsev, 17, carter, Sandsend
George MILNESserv, 15, do , Lythe

Philip married Sarah ALLANSON in 1862. Sarah was from Little Town, a hamlet in the township of Liversedge, and parish of Birstall in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The marriage was registered in the Dewsbury district.

Philip & Sarah had seven children, four of whom suffered various degrees of deafness. Daughter Grace Ann was deaf and dumb from birth, daughter Sarah Elizabeth was deaf, daughter Alice Maud was slightly deaf and son Philip was very deaf. The high occurrence of deafness strongly implies that it was inherited.
[Information from Kate ILSLEY, a descendant of Philip & Sarah, March 2009]

1871 census: RG10/4818, folio 133, p3
Ripleys Farm, Cloughton
Philip BURNETT, Head, 41, farmer of 365 acres employing 4 men & 2 boys, Scalby
Sarah          do          wife, 45, Littletown [sic] Yks
Grace A.    do            dau, 8, Cloughton
Mary J.      do             dau, 6,     do
Sarah E.     do             dau, 4,    do
Hannah      do             dau, 2,    do
Christiana   do            dau, 5m  do
Hannah      do              sis, 30, unm, farm assistant, Cloughton
Plus eight "farm servants"

Some time before 1881 Philip moved from the farm at Cloughton to another farm at Langton. During 1880 it was reported in the "Hull Packet" newspaper [16 Jan 1880] that there had been an outbreak of swine fever at the farm, five pigs having been "attacked".

1881 census: RG11/4810, folio 70, p22
Langton Village, Yorks
Philip BURNETT, Head, 51, Farmer Of 410 Acres Emp 6 Lab & 3 Boys, Scalby
Sarah BURNETT, wife, 45, Liversedge
Grace A. BURNETT, dau, 18, Scalby
Mary J. BURNETT, dau, 16, do
Hannah BURNETT, dau, 12, scholar, Scalby
Christiana BURNETT, dau, 10, dodo
Alice M. BURNETT, dau, 7,scholar, do
Philip BURNETT, son, 6, dodo
Kitty BURNETT, sis, 30, unm, do [sister Christiana BURNETT]
Henry HALDER, neph, 12, scholar, Lockton[son of sister Mary HALDER]
Plus five "farm servants"

1891 census: RG12/3972, folio 59, p18
Philip BURNETT, head, 61, farmer, born Cloughton
Sarah         do         wife, 56, born Littletown
Grace A.    do          dau, 28, born Cloughton
Hannah      do          dau, 22, born Cloughton
Christiana  do          dau, 20, born Cloughton
Philip         do           son, 16, born Cloughton
Plus four "servants"

Kate ILSLEY provided the following 'anecdotal' information:
"When the men (father & son) came in from the farmlands, the women/girls of the family waited on them hand and foot - warming their slippers, removing their boots etc. The women positively 'slaved' in the home, cleaning and cooking. They not only 'spring cleaned' their home ... but 'back end' cleaned in autumn as well. The daughters did not find life at home rewarding"

Philip made a sworn affidavit on 22 Sep 1898 concerning a property known as Goathland House Farm in Goathland. The document explains in detail how he and three other relatives had become entitled to the "moiety" [half share] of the farm in Goathland. The affidavit is just one part of a very complex deed concerning the sale of the property, in 1898.

Philip's wife Sarah died in 1900.

1901 census: RG13/4538, folio 48, p1
Picksharpe farm, Birdsall
Philip BURNETT, head, 71, wid, farmer, Cloughton
Grace          do       dau, 38, unm, Cloughton
Christina     do       dau, 30, unm, Cloughton
Philip          do        son, 26, unm, farmer, Cloughton
Christiana   do          sis, 60, unm, living on own means, Cloughton
Plus six servants/farm workers

Philip left a will, dated 1 Dec 1911, proved at York 28 May 1913, naming his son Philip, son-in-law James Morgan BARRETT and friend William SCOBY as joint executors. Son Philip and daughters Christiana and Grace Ann BURNETT were specifically named as main beneficiaries - the rest of the estate being divided equally between Philip Snr's other children. The total value of the estate was £2,888 (equivalent to about £125,000 in 1998)

Philip's daughters, Sarah Elizabeth and Alice Maud, married brothers James and Charles BARRETT respectively. The BARRETT brothers were partners and joint owners of a laundry business in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

123. Grace Ann BURNETT

Grace Ann was deaf & dumb from birth.

1901 census: age 38, born Cloughton, living with her father at Birdsall - see notes for father Philip BURNETT.

Grace Ann was still unmarried when she became a main beneficiary of her sister Hannah's will on 8 Jan 1927. Grace inherited all her sister's "invested monies" for life - to be divided equally on her death between her four remaining sisters and brother Philip.

124. Mary Jane BURNETT

1881 census [RG11/4810, folio 70, p22]: living with her parents on their farm at Langton village, Yorks. Age 16, birthplace Scalby.

1891 census: RG12/1570, folio 30, p12
South Lynn, Norfolk
Recorded as "principal of a ladies school". Sister Sarah was also recorded as "principal of a ladies school" and sister Alice as a "teacher". It is highly likely, though not certain, that all three sisters were at the same school.

Mary married a Methodist Minister named William GOOD. They had four children: Evaleen, Margery, Dorothy and Burnett [known as Burnie]
Son Burnie was killed during the Ist World War.
[information from Johanna COTTER]

Kate ILSLEY, a descendant of William & Mary Jane GOOD, provided the following information:
"Mary Jane BURNETT married William GOOD on 29 Aug 1893 at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Malton, Yorks (witnesses Sarah Elizabeth BURNETT, James ROGERS, William SCOBY and Philip BURNETT). They had four children:
Evaleen Mary (20 Oct 1894 - 23 Dec 1964) "Eve" married William Harry ALDRICH and had two children.
Marjory A (1896 - ? ) she married Harry BELLWOOD and had two children.
William Burnett (1898 - 15 May 1917) "Burnie" was Killed in Action in the Great War. He was not married nor had children.
Dorothy (ca Oct 1900 - 2003) she married Frank HARRISON and had one child.
William GOOD was a Wesleyan Minister from Ireland. He died on 16 Feb 1902 in Willington, Durham. He got pnemonia after working himself too tired and visiting parishioners in bad weather during an epidemic of scarlet fever. When William died, he left Mary Jane a penniless widow with four children between 2 and 7 years old. She rented a house and got it quite cheap because it was said to be "haunted". She also took in boarders
1901 census - with husband and family - Margate Street, Swaffham, Norfolk
ca. 1917 - address: 23 Highfield, Scarborough
In about 1932, she was very ill and expected to die. She had a septic forearm and had to have all the pus and muck scraped out in an effort to prevent the infection spreading. She recovered (chiefly by sheer willpower) - there were no antibiotics. It permanently damaged the tendons in her hand and she could never straighten her arm completely again."

1927: a beneficiary of her sister Hannah's will under her married name Mary Jane GOOD.

William GOOD

William GOOD was a Methodist Minister. He contracted a fever after visiting a sick parishioner and died while his four children were still young.

125. Sarah Elizabeth BURNETT

Sarah Elizabeth was deaf.

1881 census [RG11/4716, folio 54, p1]: recorded as a "boarder" at Clifton Ladies School in the City of York. The headteacher was a Miss Jane FENWICK of Kirkby Moorside.

1891 census: RG12/1570, folio 30, p12
South Lynn, Norfolk
Recorded as "principal of a ladies school". Sister Mary was also recorded as "principal of a ladies school" and sister Alice as a "teacher". There were three other teachers recorded in the same 'household' together with six boarding scholars and two domestic servants. It is highly likely, though not certain, that all three sisters were at the same school. Two of the sisters met their future husbands in Kings Lynn.

1927: a beneficiary of her sister Hannah's will under her married name Sarah Elizabeth BARRETT - her husband James Morgan BARRETT was one of the executors of the will.

Sarah did not have any children.

126. Hannah BURNETT

Hannah died a spinster and left a will, dated 8 Jan 1927, naming her brother Philip Burnett of Birdsall and brother-in-law James Morgan Barrett of Kings Lynn, as executors. Probate was granted at Norwich on 5 Dec 1928. Effects were valued at £850.13.6.

The will named as beneficiaries: brother Philip BURNETT, sisters Grace Ann BURNETT and Christiana BURNETT, sisters Mary Jane GOOD, Sarah Elizabeth BARRETT and Alice Maud BARRETT and cousin Kitty BURDASS.

127. Christiana BURNETT

GRO Index of Births: BURNETT, Christiana, Dec 1870, Scarborough, 9d 318

1871 - 1901 census inclusive: see notes for father Philip BURNETT

A beneficiary of her sister Hannah's will, dated 8 Jan 1927, at which time Christiana was still unmarried.

128. Alice Maud BURNETT

GRO Index of Births: BURNETT, Alice Maud, Jun 1873, Scarborough, 9d 316

Alice Maud was slightly deaf.

1881 census: RG11/4810, folio 70, p22
With parents & siblings in Langton - see notes for father Philip BURNETT

1891 census: RG12/1570, folio 30, p12
South Lynn, Norfolk
Recorded as a teacher at a ladies school in Norfolk, age 17, birthplace Cloughton, Yorkshire. Also at the school were Mary BURNETT, age 26, born Cloughton, and Sarah BURNETT, age 24, born Cloughton, both described as "principal of ladies school". These were obviously Alice's older sisters Mary Jane and Sarah Elizabeth.

Alice Maud married Charles Golding BARRETT in 1894

1901 census: RG13/1887, folio 12, p16
Pleasant House, Gaywood, Norfolk
Charles G BARRETT, head, 34, master dyer & laundryman, Haslemere Sussex
Alice M          do          wife, 28, Cloughton, Yorks
Harold C        do            son, 4, Gaywood
Elsie R            do           dau, 2,     do
Kathleen M    do           dau, 8m,  do
James M         do        brother, 32, single, master dyer & laundryman, Norwich
Amy M BLENCH, serv, 16, general domestic servant, Kings Lynn

Alice had eight children with her husband Charles BARRETT

1927: a beneficiary of her sister Hannah's will under her married name Alice Maud BARRETT. Sister Sarah Elizabeth married her brother-in-law, James Morgan BARRETT, one of the executors of the will.