Descendants of Edward BURNETT of Bishop Monkton


1. Edward BURNETT

The baptisms of two sons of Edward Burnett were recorded in the Ripon parish register; one named Edward in 1678, the other named Peter in 1680. Their father's residence was given as Bishop Monkton in the baptism entries. The only marriage which has been found which could have been that of Edward snr is the marriage between Edward Burnett and Anne Gibson, in 1673, at Ripon. Both were described as "of this parish" - the parish of Ripon included Bishop Monkton.

The five year gap between this marriage and the baptism of Edward jnr suggests that there may have been one, or perhaps two other children before him. There may also have been other children after Peter - there are many gaps in the Ripon parish register, particularly among the returns of the Bishop Monkton chapelry.

Edward snr's baptism has not been found and it can only be speculated that he belonged to that line of the Burnett family which had been in Bishop Monkton since the late fifteenth century. There was an Edward Burnett, son of Roger of Bishop Monkton, baptised in 1628, but this Edward would have been 45yrs old at marriage if he was the husband of Anne Gibson in 1673 - possible but not proven! [Though the fact that there were only two known children of the marriage could support the idea that at least one of the parents was older than would normally be expected]