Descendants of Edward BURNETT of Bishop Monkton


10. Peter BURNETT

Peter BURNETT signed as a witness to the accounts of various parish officers at Bishop Monkton during 1795 and was himself Parish Constable for the year 1795-96.

A beneficiary of his brother Anthony's will in 1819. It seems odd that Peter and his wife Ann, who both lived into very old age and so obviously enjoyed good health, had only two children. It is quite possible that there were others, but their baptisms have not been found.

1841 census: HO107/1351/3, folio 17, p5
Recorded as living on independent means with his son Anthony in Bishop Monkton - given age 85, born in Yorkshire. Ages were rounded down to nearest five years for 1841 census returns; Peter was actually in his 89th year.

Peter did manage to become a nonagenarian - he died at Bishop Monkton in 1843 aged 91.


Ripon parish register records the burial of Ann, wife of Peter BURNETT, age 84 on 22 Mar 1835. The age at death suggests a birth in c1752. Husband Peter lived to be 91 and it is surprising, given their obvious good health, that this couple appear to have had just two children.

17. Christopher BURNETT

A beneficiary of his brother Anthony's will in 1819.

1841 census: HO107/59/2, folio 9, p11
Water Lane, Sherrington, Buckinghamshire
Christopher BURNET, 70, Ind., N [not born in county]
Mary                  do       60, Ind., N

1851 census: HO107/1723, folio , p11
46 High Street, Sherrington, Buckinghamshire
Christopher BURNETT, head, 81, retired farmer, Ripon Yorkshire
Mary                   do        wife, 72, Marsden Northampton

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, Christopher, Dec 1858, Newport Pagnel, 3a 287