Descendants of Edward BURNETT of Bishop Monkton


25. Thomas BURNETT

Thomas' first wife Frances (Fanny) WILSON died aged only 28yrs and Thomas married again - his second wife, Catherine GRAHAM, was the former Catherine DINSDALE, the widow of Thomas GRAHAM.

Thomas BURNETT gave his residence as "Spout House" in the parish of Masham at the time of his second marriage. This was the home of his first wife's parents. Robert WILSON, Fanny's brother, was a witness at both of Thomas' marriages and witnessed a marriage between Joseph GRAHAM & Hannah MALLABY just a week before Thomas married Fanny. It seems likely that Catherine GRAHAM above was Joseph GRAHAM's sister-in-law.

1841 census: HO107/1254/12, folio 4, p1
Tranmire, East Witton (without)
Thomas BURNETT, 35, farmer, born Yks.
Catherine      do         36, born Yks.
Thos              do         11, do
John              do         10, do
Peter             do           2, do
Alice            do            1, do
/George GRAHAM,  13, do
William         do        10, do
Mary             do         15, do
Catherine      do          8, do
Ann               do          6, do
Thomas DALE15, ag. lab. born Yks.
Thomas and second wife Catherine with their own two children Peter and Alice, Thomas' two sons from his first marriage, and five children with the surname GRAHAM assumed to have been from Catherine's first marriage.

Thomas died in 1847 and at the time of the 1851 census Catherine BURNETT, widow, age 47, born Kirkby Fleetham was living with three daughters at Kirkby Fleetham. She had obviously returned to her home parish after Thomas' death.

Frances (Fanny) WILSON

Frances (Fanny) was born at "Spout House" in the parish of Masham, the home of parents John WILSON & Ann (nee FISHER). After Fanny's premature death at the age of 28yrs her husband Thomas BURNETT married again and gave "Spout House" as his residence for the marriage certificate. Fanny's brother Robert WILSON was a witness at both of Thomas' marriages.

Administration of Fanny's 'estate', valued at under £200, was granted to her husband Thomas BURNETT, of New Slenningford, on 7 May 1840 in the Peculiar Court of Masham. The bondsmen were Thomas BURNETT, John WILSON and Alexander CALVERT. The date of death given for Fanny in these probate records was 3 November 1835. This should have been 3 Nov 1833 - she was buried at Masham on 6 Nov 1833.

A monumental inscription in the churchyard at Masham parish church reads:
"Sacred to the memory of Fanny BURNITT, the wife of Thomas BURNITT of Slenningford, daughter of the late John WILSON of Spout House, who departed this life 3rd November 1833 aged 28"


Catherine was a widow when she married Thomas BURNETT in 1838. Her maiden name was Catherine DINSDALE - she had married first husband Thomas GRAHAM on 20 May 1820. If the ages given for Catherine in census returns and on her 1838 marriage certificate are accurate, she was only 16yrs old when she married Thomas Graham.

There were five children with the surname Graham, aged 15yrs and under, living with Catherine and her second husband Thomas Burnett, at Tranmire, East Witton, at the time of the 1841 census. These have been assumed to be Catherine's children from her first marriage.
[See notes for husband Thomas BURNETT]

1851 census: HO107/2378, folio 8, p8
Kirkby Fleetham
Catherine BURNETT, head, wid, 47, ag. labourer, Kirkby Fleetham
Alice               do          dau, 10, scholar, East Witton
Felix               do           dau, 7,       do       do
Elizabeth        do           dau, 4,       do       do

36. Alice BURNETT

1851 census: HO107/2378, folio 8, p8
With widowed mother Catherine and sisters Elizabeth and Felix [sic] (Phyllis) at Kirkby Fleetham.

1861 census: RG9/3201, folio 73, p18
Alice BURNETT, unm, 19, born Fleetham Yorkshire,
Living-in and working as a house servant to John DAWSON and his wife Mary at the Manor House, Grafton [near Ouseburn]
*Possibly* this individual. After the death of her father when she was just 7yrs old Alice's mother had moved her family to Kirkby Fleetham [her own birthplace]. It is quite likely that Alice though of this as her home parish and gave Fleetham as her birthplace.

Alice married John STREET at Mirfield in 1866.

1871 census: RG10/4598, folio 49, p33
Crossley Lane, Mirfield
John STREET, head, 28, woolen spinner, Heckmondwick
Alice        do     wife, 29, Masham
Catherine do      dau, 1, Mirfield *
*Daughter Catherine named after her maternal grandmother Catherine BURNETT.

37. Phyllis BURNETT

Fillis [sic] (Phyllis) was recorded with the surname BARNETT in the IGI. Her sister Elizabeth was baptised on the same day, two months after their father died, but it is known that they were not twins. The gap of seven years between their baptisms and that of their younger sister Alice, in 1840, suggests that these were late baptisms prompted by their father's death in order for their mother to 'qualify' for parish relief.

1851 census: HO107/2378, folio 8, p8
With widowed mother Catherine and sisters Elizabeth and Alice at Kirkby Fleetham. Christian name recorded as Felix.

1861 census: RG9/3666, folio 50, p1
The Plump [sic], Thornton Watlass
Phillis BURNETT, unm, 17, house servant, East Witton
One of two house servants living-in and working for farmer Robert BULMER and his family.

1871 census: RG10/4276, folio ?, p10
North Bank Terrace, City of Ripon
Phillis BURNETT, unm, 27, housemaid, Elingstring [sic]
One of two servants living-in and working for retired merchant William ROBINSON.

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, Phillis, Dec 1877, Dewsbury, 9b 417 age 34.
Age at death is consistent with birth c1843. Phyllis was almost certainly staying with her brother Peter in Ravensthorpe when she died.

38. Elizabeth BURNETT

Elizabeth was recorded with the surname BARNETT in the East Witton baptism register - her baptism was two months after her father died. Her sister Phyllis was baptised on the same day but they were not twins. (see notes for sister Phyllis)

1851 census: HO107/2378, folio 8, p8
With her widowed mother and sisters Alice and Phyllis in Kirkby Fleetham.

1861 census: RG9/3665, folio 22, p9
Elizabeth BURNETT, 14, general servant, Kirkby Fleetham
One of three servants living-in and working for William SWANN, land proprieter and farmer.

26. Christopher BURNETT

Born at Bishop Monkton in 1803, Christopher began his working life as a shoemaker in the village.

1841 census: HO107/1351, folio 17, p5
Bishop Monkton
Christopher BURNETT, 35, shoemaker, born Yks
Dorothy BURNETT, 35, born Yks.
Ann BURNETT, 11, do
Dainah [sic] BURNETT, 9, do
Joseph BURNETT, 7, do
Christopher BURNETT, 3, do
Emma BURNETT, 1, do
/William WOOD, 15, apprentice, born Yks.

Christopher moved his family to Spofforth near Wetherby during or before 1849. His daughter Ann died aged 19 in 1849 and her death notice, placed in the "Leeds Mercury" newspaper of 6 Oct 1849, described her father Christopher BURNETT as "assistant overseer and surveyor of the highways, Spofforth" [see source notes for Ann's death]

1851 census: HO107/2283, folio 513, p12-13
Church Lane, Spofforth
Christopher BURNETT, head, 47, parish officer, Bishop Monkton.
Dorothy BURNETT, wife, 45, Bishop Monkton.
Isabella BURNETT, daughter, unm, 24, Littlethorpe
Louisa BURNETT, daughter, 11, Bishop Monkton *
Christopher BURNETT, son, 14, scholar, Bishop Monkton
Zillah BURNETT, daughter, 4, Spofforth
/Anthony HORNER, father/law, wdr, 79, shoemaker, Sawley.
*[Louisa's birth was registered during Dec qtr. 1842 at Ripon]*

Christopher moved to Whitby and became assistant overseer at the Union Workhouse. He was poor-rate collector and a member of the Whitby Highways Board. His wife Dorothy ran their home as a boarding house on the West Cliff in Whitby.

1861 census: RG9/3648, folio 112, p30
George Street, Whitby
Christopher BURNETT, head, 57, poor rate collector, W.R. Yorkshire Bishop Monkton
Dorothy BURNETT, wife, 55, Bishop Monkton
Zillah BURNETT, daughter, 14, scholar, Spofforth

1871 census: RG10/4849, folio 28, p7
3 Windsor Tce, Whitby [parish of Ruswarp]
Christopher BURNETT, head, 67, assistant overseer, Monkton
Dorothy do wife, 65, Monkton
Louisa GOODWILL dau, 28, mar, on a visit, Monkton
Thomas COOPER, serv, assistant clerk, Mickleby
John HUDSON, boardr, 21, unm, journeyman painter, Market Weighton
John GARRICK, do 21, unm, do do Hartlepool, Durham

On 10 Feb 1874 a Whitby jet ornament manufacturer named Christopher SUNLEY applied to the North Riding Police Court for a summons against Christopher BURNETT, collector of the poor-rates, for "wilful and corrupt perjury". Apparently Mr SUNLEY had previously brought an acusation of assault against Christopher BURNETT and was now acusing him of commiting perjury during those proceedings. However, since there was no written record taken at the time Mr SUNLEY was advised that he would have great difficulty in proving his case and the application for a summons was denied.
[Information from a report in the "Northern Echo" newspaper of 11 Feb 1874]

Christopher's wife Dorothy died in 1878 whilst staying with their son Joseph in Sheffield. She was 74 years old. Within a year of her death Christopher re-married. Several eyebrows must have been raised at the time - he was 76yrs old whereas his second wife, Constance Annie HARLAND, was only 24yrs old. Shortly after their marriage Christopher and Constance moved to York, where they ran a small lodging house at 38 Tanner Row - Christopher died there on Christmas Eve 1880.

Christopher left a will, dated 6 Dec 1880, proved at York 7 Jan 1881, which named his son Joseph as sole executor. Named beneficiaries were second wife Constance, son Joseph, daughter Louisa and a friend named Thomas ATKINSON.

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, Christopher, Dec 1880, York, 9d 22, age 77

Dorothy HORNER

Dorothy was a daughter of Anthony and Dinah HORNER of Bishop Monkton. Anthony was a shoemaker.

The accounts of the Overseer of the Poor for Bishop Monkton in 1833 recorded the payment of 'relief' to Dorothy BURNETT - "46 weeks at 2 pwk ------ £4.12s.0d"

39. Jane BURNETT

Not with the rest of her family in Bishop Monkton at the time of the 1841 census. She would have been 15yrs old at the time so may have been working away from home.

Possibly married James TODD. Jane TODD, age 55, born Bishop Monkton, wife of James TODD, was living in Rochdale Lancs. at the time of the 1881 census.

40. Isabella BURNETT

1841 census: HO107/1352/7, folio 22, p19
Debtors' Gaol for the Liberty of Ripon
Thomas HARRISON, 45, keeper of the gaol, born Yks
[wife and four children under 15yrs]
/Isabella BURNETT, 14, female servant, born Yks.

1851 census: with her parents in Spofforth - see notes for father Christopher BURNETT.


Ripon parish register - baptism, 17 November 1829:
Anne daughter of Christopher and Dorothy Burnet, cordwainer, Littlethorpe.

1841 census: Anne BURNETT age 11 born Yorkshire was living with Christopher and Dorothy BURNETT [parents] at Bishop Monkton.

1851 census: not with the rest of the family at Spofforth

43. Dinah BURNETT

1841 census: living with parents in Bishop Monkton - see notes for father Christopher BURNETT

1851 census: HO107/2283, folio 196, p26
Abbey House, Knaresbrough
Dinah BURNETT, unm, 19, born Bishop Monkton, was employed as a house servant at the home of spinster Charlotte LEE.
[Dinah's parents and siblings were living in Spofforth at the time of this census]

Dinah married John ATKINSON in 1853 [GRO: Dec 1853, Selby]

1871 census: RG10/4292, folio 7, p8
With husband and three children in Spofforth

1881 census: RG11/4329, folio 6, p5
Castle Street, Spofforth Cum Stockeld
John ATKINSON, head, 58, common carrier, Pudsey
Dinah      do           wife, 49, Bishop Monkton
John        do             son, 8, scholar, Spofforth
[A Thomas ATKINSON was a beneficiary of the will of Dinah's father, Christopher BURNETT, in 1880.]

46. Christopher BURNETT

1841 census: living with parents at Bishop Monkton, age 3yrs, born Yorkshire.

1851 census: living with parents at Spofforth, age 14yrs, scholar, born Bishop Monkton.

No record of Christopher in 1881 census index for UK. May have died before 1881 or was out of the country at the time of the census.

47. Emma BURNETT

Emma's baptism has not been found but her birth was registered during the June quarter 1840 at Ripon. She was the second daughter of these parents to have that name - the first died aged 23 weeks in 1836.

1841 census: Emma BURNETT, 1, Y [born Yorkshire] living with Christopher and Dorothy BURNETT at Bishop Monkton.

1851 census: not listed with the rest of the family at Church Lane, Spofforth.

48. Louisa BURNETT

1851 census: living with parents at Spofforth, age 11yrs, born Bishop Monkton.

Married William GOODWILL, 1864, Scarborough.

1881 census:RG11/4802, Folio 151, Page 31
44 Nelson St, Scarborough, Yorkshire
William GOODWILL, head, 38, Railway Goods Porter, Whitby
Louisa GOODWILL, wife, 38, Bishop Monkton
Arthur G. GOODWILL, son, 11, scholar, Scarboro

50. Zillah BURNETT

Zillah was baptised as an adult, aged 36yrs, at St. John's Church Whitby, on 10 Mar 1885. Her date of birth was given in the baptism register as 31 Mar 1848. [GRO Index of Births has Zillah BURNETT, June qtr. 1847, Knaresborough]

At the time of the 1851 census Zillah was living with her parents at 26 Church Lane, Spofforth - age 4yrs, birthplace Spofforth.

GRO Index of Marriages: Zillah BURNETT, Mar 1865, Whitby, 9d 612. Zillah married Thomas HARLAND at St. Mary's parish church, Whitby on 9 Mar 1865.

1881 census: RG11/4833, folio 69, p7
177 Church St, Whitby
Thomas HARLAND, head, 43, Assistant Overseer & Poor Rate Col (Union), Whitby
Zillah HARLAND, wife, 34, Spofforth
Ada HARLAND, daur, 13, Whitby
Eliza DARBYSHIRE, boardr, unm, 40, dressmaker, Green Hammerton

Constance Annie HARLAND

Constance was a 24yr old spinster at the time of her marriage to 75yr old Christopher BURNETT - who died within two years of the marriage. He obviously couldn't stand the pace!! Constance continued to run the small business that Christopher had established in York and was there at the time of the 1881 census:
RG11/4719, folio 6, p5
38 Tanner Row, All Sts North Street, York
Constance Annie BURNETT, head, widow, 25, Eating House Keeper, Lockington
Rhoda HOWES, Boarder, unm, 27, Domestic Servant, Tadcaster
Ada GILL, Boarder, unm, 16, Domestic Servant, Wakefield
Eliza BRADLEY, Boarder, unm, 18, Domestic Servant, York
Ann LIDLEY, Boarder, unm, 62, Cook (Dom), York

Constance left York after this census and spent some time in West Hartlepool, Co. Durham - subsequent census returns indicate that she had an illegitimate son named Robert born there in 1884
(see below)

1891 census: RG12/3885, folio 96, p4
21 Blake Street, St. Wilfred's, York
Rachel HARLAND, head, wid, 71, confectioner, Nafferton
Constance A. BURNETT, dau, wid, 35, confectioner, Lockington
Charles HARLAND, grdson, 19, clerk, London
Robert BURNETT, grdson, 7, scholar, West Hartlepool, Durham
Tom GRAINGER, boarder, unm, 46, commercial traveller, Sand Hutton
Robert HILL, boarder, 17, scholar at blind school, Hovingham (blind from birth)

1901 census: RG13/4438, folio 24, p2
12 Petergate, St. Michael le Belfrey, York
Constance A. BURNETT, head, wid, 43, Lodging House Keeper, Lockington
Robert BURNETT, son, 17, North Eastern Railway Clerk, West Hartlepool, Durham
John Henry HARLAND, boarder, unm, 39, living on own means, Huntington, Yks.
Plus three other boarders - two professional actors from Spain and a journeyman bread baker.
Constance running another guest house in the City of York, but with a more 'up-market' address.

Constance died at York in 1913.

27. William BURNETT

Born at Bishop Monkton in 1806, William was living and working in Leeds at the time he married Ann PARKER on 10 Sep 1825 at St.Peter's parish church.

1826: Described as a "book keeper" in the parish register at the baptism of daughter Eliza at St. Peter's parish church, Leeds

1830: Assumed to have been the father of Thomas Burnett baptised at Stokesley. The parish register describes father William as a "common carrier"

1835: Living in Bishop Monkton and described as a "labourer" in the Ripon parish register at the baptism of daughter Mary Ann.

1841 census: HO107/1351/ folio 17, p5
Bishop Monkton
William BURNETT, 35, schoolmaster, born Yks
Ann               do         35, born Yks
Eliza              do         14, do
Thomas         do          11,do
William         do           8, do
Mary             do           7, do
/Thomas BAKE, 80, shoemaker, born Yks
Ottwell THISELWATE, 45, ag. lab., born Yks
Mary             do              45, born Yks
The rise from labourer in 1835 to schoolmaster six years later is impressive. William was the enumerator for Bishop Monkton for the 1841 census so was obviously considered to be 'educated'. The Overseer's accounts for Bishop Monkton for the years 1839-40 and 1840-41 contain references to a number of payments made to William BURNETT: 1/- for "going round with petitions" [probably the census forms]; £1.5s.10d for the "school room Ac."; 2/6d for books and 3d for paper.

By 1846 William had moved his family to Spofforth. The "Leeds Mercury" newspaper of 12 Sep 1846 carried an advertisment for 'Atkinson's Patent for Improvements in Thrashing & Winnowing Machines'. Licenses for those wishing to make, have, use or sell machines using the patent principle were available only from Mr William BURNETT of Spofforth near Wetherby, Yorkshire.

1851 census: HO107/2283, folio 515, p17
North Street, Spofforth
William BURNETT, head, 45, auctioneer, Bishop Monkton
Ann              do          wife, 46, Leeds
William        do            son, 18, unm, assistant auctioneer, Dalton
M. A.           do            dau, 16, unm, Bp Monkton  *[daughter Mary Ann born 1835]*
W. H. WAGSTAFF     gson, 1, Clayworth, Notts.*[son of daughter Eliza]*
Eliza HOFOSON?      visit, 24, Bp Monkton

William apparently played cricket for Wetherby. The "Leeds Mercury" newspaper dated 2 Sep 1854 carried the score card for the cricket match between Knaresborough and Wetherby played on 21 Aug 1854 in which W. BURNETT scored 6 runs in the first innings and 4 runs in the second. He also took two catches during Knaresborough's first innings.

William BURNETT of Spofforth was listed in the 'Royal National Commercial Directory', published 1855, under the heading "Auctioneers"

William BURNETT of Wetherby, auctioneer was one of fifteen members of the 'grand jury' at Christmas Quarter Sessions of the County Court held at Knaresborough on 4 Jan 1858 ["Leeds Mercury" newspaper, 5 Jan 1858]

W. BURNETT the elder, of Wetherby, auctioneer, was named in a list of bankrupts printed in the "Leeds Mercury" newspaper of 19 Sep 1866.

Joint executor with brother Christopher of their father's will in 1867, when he was described as an "auctioneer of Wetherby". His bankruptcy was confirmed at Leeds District Court of Bankruptcy on 9 Dec 1867.

William left a will, proved at Wakefield 22 Nov 1869 by Thomas Lumley of Boston Spa, gentleman and sole executor. The will makes no mention of any family members - all of William's estate, real and personal, without exception, was to be sold as soon as possible after his death and the proceeds used to pay off his debts etc. contracted since his bankruptcy. Any residue was to be payed to creditors previous to the Bankruptcy, in proportion to their claim. No date was given for the bankruptcy. Witnesses to the will were William CROSLEY and Benjamin H. BARSTOW.

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, William, Jun 1869, Wetherby, 9a 89, age 63

Monumental inscription, Wetherby churchyard:
"Sacred to the memory of William Burnett Sen. of this town who died March 30th 1869 aged 63 years. Also Anne, wife of the above, who died April 10th 1866 aged 63 years. Ready when called for."


1841 census: living with husband William and four children, including a girl named Eliza, age 14yrs.
1851 census: living with family at Spofforth, age 44yrs, birthplace Leeds

The marriage between William BURNETT & Ann PARKER in Leeds in 1825 was undoubtedly the correct marriage - particularly as it was followed by the baptism of a daughter of these parents named Eliza in 1826.

Annie's given age at death (63 in 1866] in the burial register of Wetherby parish church suggests birth c1803. This was not consistent with her given age [44] in 1851 census returns which suggests birth in c1806.

51. Eliza BURNETT

1841 census: living with her parents in Bishop Monkton, age 14yrs"Family Search" website lists the following event:
Christening: 16 Sep 1849, Clayworth, Nottingham, England
William Henry WAGSTAFF,
Father: John WAGSTAFF
Mother: Eliza
William Henry's mother was undoubtedly the former Eliza BURNETT, daughter of William & Ann BURNETT.

At the time of the 1881 census, Eliza, now a widow, was living in Lancashire.
RG11/4043, Folio 7, Page 8
Ashton New Road, 2 Grove Terrace, Droylsden, Lancashire
Eliza WAGSTAFFE, head, wid, 54, Leeds, Yorkshire
Ann E. WAGSTAFFE, daur, unm, 27, sewing machinist, Knaresboro, Yorkshire
Albert WAGSTAFFE, son, unm, 22, com'l clerk, Ripon, Yorkshire

53. William BURNETT

1841 census: HO107/1351/ folio 17, p5
Living with his parents in Bishop Monkton, age 8yrs [see notes for father William BURNETT]

1851 Census: HO107/2283, folio 515, p17
Living with his parents in Wetherby, age 18yrs, occupation assistant auctioneer, birthplace Dalton [see notes for father William BURNETT]

William BURNETTmarried Sarah MASON at Wetherby in 1856. They had one child, son Edwin BURNETT born in 1857. When Edwin was baptised at St. James' Parish Church, Wetherby, William BURNETT gave his occupation as "publican" for the baptism record in the parish register.

The family were recorded living at West End, Wetherby in 1861 census returns:
RG9/3209, folio 85, page 36.
West End, Wetherby
William BURNETT, head, 27, valuer and accountant, Dalton
Sarah            do         wife, 24, Wetherby
Edwin           do           son,  4, scholar, Wetherby
Elizabeth YOUNG serv, 13, house servant, Knaresborough
Within nine months of the census being taken in 1861 William BURNETT's wife Sarah died at home in Wetherby, she was 25 years old.

William became one of the overseers for the parish of Wetherby. Shortly after completing his term of office he and his fellow overseer were sued by the man who had been their assistant overseer for unpaid wages.
York Herald, 20 Oct 1866
" Joseph Dixon, of Wetherby, sued Messrs. Wm Hill and Wm. Burnett, the younger, the late overseers of Wetherby, for £10, the amount of one year's salary as assistant overseer of Wetherby. There was no dispute that the plaintiff had done the work, and that he was entitled to his salary from some party, but the defendants stated they were not now the overseers - they had handed all over to the present overseers, and therefore were not liable. His Honour took this view of the case and non-suited the plaintiff."

Following his father's bankruptcy in 1867 William BURNETT Jnr. appears to have taken over where his father had left off and became the pre-eminent auctioneer in the West Riding of Yorkshire. He also followed in his father's footsteps by playing cricket for Wetherby.

William BURNETT married his second wife, Mary Jane MONRO, on 21 Jun 1870 at the Parish Church of Kirkby Overblow. William was 37 years old, Mary Jane was under 21 years old; described in the marriage register as "a minor". The couple set up home in New Street, Wetherby.

1871 census: RG10/4292, folio 38.
Living with wife Mary J. in New St, Wetherby. Age 34yrs, birthplace Dalton, occupation auctioneer. William's son Edwin BURNETT from his first marriage was recorded living with his maternal grandparents James and Mary MASON in Wetherby.

1881 census: William BURNETT, widower, age 45, occupation land surveyor, was living in New St. Wetherby - he gave his birthplace as Bishop Monkton. His son Edwin BURNETT, by now aged 24 years, was recorded living as a lodger at a different address in Wetherby.

Sometime after the 1881 census was taken William BURNETT's son, Edwin BURNETT, emigrated to South Australia, he married there in 1883 and his descendants still live there. For further details use the "Send e-mail" link on the 'Home' page of this website.

1891 census: RG12/3522, folio 52, p17
William BURNETT, widower, age 55, valuer & auctioneer, born Dalton, was one of three lodgers at the home of John BURNAN, horse breaker and groom, in Church Street, Wetherby.

William died shortly after the 1891 census was taken. The following entry in the GRO Index of Deaths appears to refer to him:
BURNETT, William, Jun 1891, Wetherby, 9a 111, age 57

William and his 2nd wife Mary Jane did not have any children.

54. Mary Ann BURNETT

1841 census: living with parents in Bishop Monkton, age 7yrs
1851 census: without doubt the female M.A. Burnett age 16yrs, born Bishop Monkton and living with these same parents in Wetherby.
The Ripon parish register has the baptism of Mary Ann Burnett, dtr of William and Ann on 1 Feb 1835 - father William described as a "labourer".

32. William BURNETT

GRO Index of Births: BURNETT, William, Jun 1843, Leeds, xxiii 419

1851 census: living with parents at 7 Giles Street, Leeds; age 7, birthplace Leeds - see notes for father John BURNETT

1861 census: living with parents at 7 Giles Street, Leeds; age 17, birthplace Leeds - see notes for father John BURNETT

1871 census: RG10/4556, folio 108, p1
10 Strode Street, Leeds
William BURNETT, head, 27, mechanic (fitter), Leeds
Ann                do        wife, 24, french polisher, Ireland
John William  do         son, 7m, Leeds

William's wife Ann died in 187? and he married second wife Sarah POTTS in 1881

1881 census: RG11/4520, folio 35, p22
22 Cuttell Street, Leeds
Mary Ann POUNDER, head, 59, wid, Gloucestershire
/William BURNETT,    lodg, mar, 37, engine fitter, Leeds
Sarah             do            lodg, mar, 31, Leeds
William         do             lodg, 10, Leeds

1891 census: RG12/3693, folio , p22
3 Windsor Place, leeds
William BURNETT, head, 47, fitter, leeds
Sarah             do         wife, 41, Leeds
John Wm       do          son, 20, fitter, Leeds
Harriet           do          dau,  7, Leeds
Sarah             do          dau,  5, Leeds
Edward         do           son,  3, Leeds

55. John William BURNETT

GRO Index of Births: BURNETT, John William, Sep 1870, Leeds, 9b 412

1871 census: with parents in Leeds - see notes for father William BURNETT

1881 census: with father and step-mother in Leeds - see notes for father William BURNETT

1891 census: with father and step-mother in Leeds - see notes for father William BURNETT

1901 census: RG13/5328, folio 41, p14
Royal Navy at Sea and in Ports Abroad
Return for the ship HMS "Monarch" included:
John William BURNETT, member of crew, 30, married, E.R.A. , Leeds Yorkshire

Possibly this individual but no trace of his wife Sarah Ann has been found at the time of this census.