Descendants of John (BURNAND) BURNETT



An "Indenture of Assignment" dated 1 July 1793, in the North Riding of Yorkshire Register of Deeds, mentions John BURNETT of Egton, yeoman, and Philip BURNETT of Lockton, yeoman, "the brothers and administrators of Mary Burnett, late of Levisham, deceased". The Levisham parish register includes the burial of a Mary BURNET on 26 Nov 1789 age 73yrs and a 'matching' baptism of Mary BURNAND, daughter of Thomas, on 5 Mar 1717. The Bishop's Transcript of the Levisham register has the baptism of Mary BURNETT, daughter of Thomas, on the same date. If it can be assumed that this was the Mary named in the Indenture of 1793, then her brother John must have been the John BURNAND, son of Thomas, whose baptism was recorded in the Levisham parish register on 2 Feb 1727. The date is consistent with the 'known' age of John BURNETT of Egton who gave his age as "forty years and upwards" when applying for a licence for his second marriage in 1770.

The property in Levisham which was the subject of the 1793 indenture was described as a "manor house". Some forty-five years earlier an "Indenture of Lease", dated 11 Dec 1746, named "John Burnett of Levisham...batchelor (sic) and Mary Burnett of Levisham, spinster" as the joint tenants of a small piece of land and "all that manor the north-west end of the township of Levisham". There can be no doubt that the John Burnett mentioned in these two indentures was one and the same person - the brother of Mary and son of Thomas Burnett of Levisham.

A Philip Burnett married Hannah Skelton, by licence, in 1740. The licence bond gives his occupation as "malster" (maltster). Though not married there, Philip and Hannah lived in Levisham (their first three children were baptised there). They later moved to Lockton (further children were baptised there). There is no doubt that this was the Philip mentioned in the 1793 indenture - the brother of John and Mary. The known occupations of Philip and John also suggest a strong family connection with the brewing trade. Thomas Burnett of Levisham was listed in returns of alehouse keepers at North Riding Quarter Sessions between 1717 and 1720 inclusive. This was undoubtedly the father of John and Mary and Philip.

At some time shortly after 1746 John moved from Levisham to Egton, where he married Elizabeth BRECKON in 1750. There were apparently no children during 20yrs of marriage before Elizabeth died. The Egton parish register does not list any baptisms or burials of children that could be attributed to this couple.

In records of Quarter Sessions of the County Court, John Burnett is listed as an innkeeper in Egton in Licenced Victualers' Recognisances from 1774 to 1786 inclusive. In 1770, the year his first wife died, the record of her burial also indicates that she was "wife of John Burnitt - innkeeper", he was Churchwarden at Egton at the time and signed the Bishop's Transcript of the Egton parish register which recorded his wife's burial. However, he described himself as a farmer on the marriage licence bond for his second marriage, to Elizabeth MEAD in 1771. The license was for marriage at Egton but it actually took place at Kildale. There were six surviving children, the last being born in 1786 when John was 60yrs old.

John died at Egton in 1805. The record of his burial, in the Egton parish register, gives his occupation as farmer.

Elizabeth BRECKON

Elizabeth was apparently unable to have children. Certainly there were no Burnett baptisms in Egton in the 20yrs between her marriage in 1750 and her death in 1770. It is of course possible that she and husband John moved to another area and had a family there before returning to Egton, some time before 1770, but there is absolutely no evidence to support this theory.

It is not known which Elizabeth Breckon married John Burnett. There is nothing in known records of her to indicate her age at any time, or her likely birthplace. There is some circumstantial evidence to suggest that she was the daughter of Ralph Breckon of Egton. However this Elizabeth was born in 1701 and would have been 49yrs old, 26 years older than John Burnett, at marriage in 1750. This could explain why there were no children of the marriage but more conclusive evidence is needed.

Elizabeth's husband John BURNETT was churchwarden during the year in which she died and signed the Bishop's Transcript of the parish register which recorded her burial.

Elizabeth MEAD

The 1770 licence bond for Elizabeth's marriage to John Burnett gives her age as "30 years and upward"; hence a birth date during or before 1740. Egton parish register contains a record of her burial in 1824 and gives age at death as 85 - suggesting a birth date in 1739. As yet Elizabeth's baptism has not been found in parish registers but there is strong circumstantial evidence to suggest that she was a daughter of William Mead of Egton.

7. Hannah BURNETT

Hannah was buried the day after she was baptised. She obviously died during or shortly after birth.