Descendants of John (BURNAND) BURNETT


2. Thomas BURNETT

Thomas married Catherine BARKER in 1798. The marriage took place at Danby parish church in spite of the fact that both Thomas and Catherine were from Egton. Thomas' sister Elizabeth and his bother William also married at Danby but in their cases the spouses had a connection with the parish. There is no apparent reason why Thomas should have married 'out of parish' - except that his wife Catherine was a Roman Catholic. However, the three major 'events' in Thomas' life - his baptism, marriage, and burial - are all recorded in Anglican parish registers and none of these records identify him as a "Papist" or Roman Catholic.

In a survey of land and property in the Manor of Egton, conducted in 1811, one of the properties in Egton was described as "the brewhouse of Thomas Burnit" (this Thomas) - evidence that the family connection with the brewing trade had been carried on into a third generation.

A Thomas Burnett was listed as the owner/tenant of a farm in Egton in returns of rateable values of property, for the purpose of assessing the County Rate, in 1824. Again there is only one candidate - this Thomas.

Thomas was not listed amongst those who "completed Easter duties" at St. Hedda's RC church in Egton Bridge in 1826 but his wife Catherine and four of their children were. Nevertheless, his burial was recorded in the register of St. Hedda's RC Church, Egton Bridge as well as in the register of the Anglican parish church at Egton in 1827.

Catherine BARKER

There is absolutely no doubt that Catherine was a Roman Catholic. The 'Stations of the Cross', in painted terracotta, inside St Hedda's RC church at Egton Bridge, are a memorial to Catherine. They were purchased by her son Francis on behalf of the BURNETT family in 1894. The relief carvings were made in Bruges, Belgium, by a sculptor named Mathias LENS and shipped to Hull before being transported on farmers' carts to Egton. Two of Catherine's sons were stonemasons; the carved Stations were therefore an appropriate gift.

Recusant returns for the parish of Egton in 1780 list George BARKER, his wife Mary and six children. J. L. O'Connor in his book "Hearts of Oak - a Study of Recusancy in the North York Moors" describes finding the marriage of George Barker and Mary Harrison, in an entry dated 11 May 1767, in the Skelton parish register. Mr O'Connor lists the children of this marriage as:

Anna, 1768
George, 1770
Mary, 1772
Ann, 1774
John, no date
Elizabeth, no date
Joseph, 1782.

He suggests that Anna was probably Hannah and that it was she who married George Roe in 1798 at Egton. However, bearing in mind that Hannah/Anna and Ann were interchangeable as Christian names, and looking at the list of children, it seems likely that Anna (b:1768) died before 1774 and that the Ann born that year was named after her. This being the case, it was almost certainly this second Ann who married George Roe and we can account for only five children of George and Mary Barker who could have been alive in 1780 - the recusant return for that year indicates six children. Catherine Barker was born about 1780, she and husband Thomas Burnett had a son named George, a son named Joseph and a daughter named Mary - none of which were Burnett family names at the time. The available evidence strongly suggests that Catherine Barker was the 'missing' sixth child of George and Mary Barker listed in the 1780 recusant return for Egton.

The suggested list of children of the marriage of George Barker and Mary Harrison would now read as follows:

Anna b:1768, died before 1774
George b:1770, married Ann Lyth, 12 Jan 1794, Egton
Mary b:1772, married John Harrison
Ann b:1774, married George Roe, 26 Nov 1798, Egton
John b:c1776?
Elizabeth b:c1778?
Catherine b:c1780, married Thomas Burnett, 13 May 1798, Danby
Joseph b:1782, married Elizabeth Oxley

Certainly this argument is based on circumstantial evidence - but no less circumstantial than that quoted in the published genealogies of many Catholic families. It is convincing enough to claim that Catherine Barker, the wife of Thomas Burnett, was a daughter of George Barker and Mary Harrison who married in 1767.

Catherine married Thomas Burnett at Danby parish church - not in their home parish of Egton. To be considered legal their marriage had to be in an Anglican church but there was such anti-Catholic feeling in Egton at this time that many RC couples from Egton chose to marry outside the parish. They would not want to give the Vicar of Egton the satisfaction of having made them 'conform'. Almost certainly Catherine & Thomas would also have had a marriage ceremony conducted in secret by the Catholic priest at Egton Bridge. She and Thomas had at least eleven children and the baptisms of three of them are recorded in the registers of St. Hedda's RC Church, Egton Bridge. There were without doubt other baptisms of children of this couple at St. Hedda's, but the appropriate register does not begin until 1813.

While it is certain that Catherine was a Roman Catholic there is no evidence to suggest that her husband Thomas converted to the faith. His baptism, marriage and burial were all recorded in Anglican parish registers and none of these entries indicate that he was a "papist". Neither was he listed with Catherine among Easter communicants at St. Hedda's in 1826. Indeed, in 1826 Catherine herself was listed with the letter "N" beside her name - indicating that she was, at that time, a "nominal Catholic". It was perhaps due to Thomas' influence that Catherine was perceived to be a less than enthusiastic Catholic but Thomas died in 1827 and thereafter the family that he left behind were quite definitely committed to the Faith. Catherine's name continued to be recorded in lists of Easter Communicants at St. Hedda's and she was listed as a member of the "Holy Guild of St. Hedda" in 1840.

1841 census: HO107/1255/7, folio 26, p16
Philip BURNETT, 25, J. st mason, born Yks.
Robt  do, 20, J. cart right [sic], born Yks.
Catharine do, 60, Ind., born Yks.
Catherine with two of her sons. Robert was one of the children baptised at St. Hedda's RC church but this census return provides the first evidence that Catherine had a son named Philip.

1851 census: HO107/2374, folio 39, p6
Egton Village
Catherine BURNETT, head, wid, 71, Egton
Ann  do  grndau, 15, dressmaker, Egton
Elizabeth do  grndau, 8, Egton
Granddaughters Ann & Elizabeth were children of Catherine's son George BURNETT who was a stonemason in Egton

Catherine died in 1859. Her burial was recorded in the registers of St. Hedda's RC church - she was probably buried in the churchyard of Egton parish church after a requiem mass at St. Hedda's.

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, Catherine, Sep 1859, Whitby, 9d 307


1841 census: HO107/1255/7, folio 37, p10
Nab End, Egton
John BURNETT, 40*, ag. lab. born Yks. working for farmer Thomas HART
(*Ages were rounded down to the nearest 5yrs so this gives a birth date 1797 - 1801).

1847: a survey of the Egton Manor estate showed a John Burnett as the tenant of a cottage near Egton Grange (Nab End is very close to Egton Grange).

1851 census: HO107/2368, folio 620, p3
Castle Beck, Harwooddale [sic]
John BURNETT, unmarried, age 50yrs, born Egton, was working as an agricultural labourer for farmer Francis APPLEBY in Harwood Dale. Given age suggests birth in 1800 or 1801

1861 census: RG9/3646, folio 104, p13
John Burnett, age 62, was working as a carter for farmer William SLEIGHTHOLM at Hawthorn Hill, Goathland. He was unmarried and gave his birth place as Egton. The given age suggests a birth date in 1798 or 1799.

1866: a  John Burnett, age 70yrs and unmarried, died at the Union Workhouse, Whitby, on 26 Dec. In a booklet titled "The One-and-Sixpenny Church" (the history of St. Hedda's RC Church at Egton Bridge) a John Burnett who "died in the last week of December 1866" is referred to in connection with the Stations of the Cross inside the church; which were donated by the Burnett family, and erected in memory of Catherine Burnett, formerly Barker, their mother.

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, John, Dec 1866, Whitby, 9d 278, age 70.

Without doubt all of these records refer to one and the same John Burnett, and he was the first born son of Thomas and Catherine (Barker) Burnett - born about 1799.

10. Joseph BURNETT

Joseph's baptism and burial are both recorded in the Egton parish register. Joseph was described as a "papist" at his burial in 1831; he was therefore a Roman Catholic at the time of his death. The Egton PR does not show Joseph's baptism as "papist", however, he was the male "sponsor" (ie. godfather) for several children baptised at St. Hedda's RC church, Egton Bridge, between 1822 and 1826. The age at death given in the burial record [30] suggests birth c1801. He can only have been a son of Thomas & Catherine [Barker] Burnett who married in 1798.

12. William BURNETT

William was listed, along with three of his siblings and their mother, amongst those who had "Completed Easter Duties" at St. Hedda's RC Church in Egton Bridge in 1826. The list gives his residence at that time as "Egton Grains", he would have been c18yrs old and was probably working as a farm labourer.

The St. Hedda's baptism register includes the baptism of Elizabeth HARRISON on 23 Apr 1826 and shows that William BURNETT was godfather. This is the first (and only) time that William appears as a godparent and it may be that, like his sister Catherine, he had become "of age" during 1825/26 and therefore old enough to be a godparent.

William was not in a list of Easter communicants at St. Hedda's in 1836 nor in lists for 1841 - 1845 incl. The implication must be that he had moved out of the area before 1836. William is known to have emigrated to Canada at some time, because in a letter written in 1893 his brother Francis wrote about "my brother William in Canada, if living, but I do not expect that he is alive". Elsewhere in the letter Francis wrote that William was "last heard of in New London in Upper Canada" - unfortunately he did not say when.

Nothing else is known about William but Canadian Passenger & Immigration lists include:

William Burnett
Year: 1833
Age: 26
Place: St. John, New Brunswick
Source Publication Code: 6637.17
Primary Immigrant: Burnett, William
Source: PASSENGERS TO NEW BRUNSWICK: The Custom House Records - 1833, 34, 37 & 38. Saint John, N.B.: The New Brunswick Genealogical Society, 1987. 483p. - Page: 33

Also, the web site of the Canadian Genealogy Centre provides access to a database of Upper Canada Marriage Bonds (1803 - 1865) which includes the following index entry:

Name of Future Husband: BURNETT, William
Residence: Cobourg Township, Northumberland County
of Future Wife: CHRISTIE, Mary
Residence: Cobourg.
Reference: RG 5 B9
Volume: 40
Bond Number: 7664
Date: 1840-08-19
Microfilm Reel Number: C-6790

Both these records quite possibly refer to William BURNETT of Egton, son of Thomas BURNETT and his wife Catherine, nee BARKER. The given age in the immigration record suggests birth c1807 which is correct for this William. Coburg in Northumberland County, Ontario was not far from William's last known residence in New London, Upper Canada and he could well have married in Coburg in 1840, when he would have been about 33yrs old, and moved on to London. If the Coburg marriage was in a Roman Catholic church it would more strongly suggest that this was the man from Egton.

Later research in an 1851 directory of Coburg shows: BURNETT, W & D, Carpenters etc., William Street. Most probably the William BURNETT who married  in 1840 - so less likely to have been William BURNETT of Egton, who did not, as far as is known, have a brother or other close relative with a forename beginning with 'D'.

13. Catherine BURNETT

In a list of people who completed "Easter Duties" at St. Hedda's RC Church, Egton Bridge, in 1826, there were two individuals named Catherine Burnett; one living in Egton village and one living in Glaisdale (both occur in each of two lists for that year). A Thomas Burnett was listed as the owner/tenant of a farm in Egton in returns of rateable values of property, for the purpose of assessing the County Rate, in 1824 and Catherine Burnett, formerly Barker, the widow of Thomas Burnett, lived in Egton village in 1841 (census return). Theirs was the only branch of the Burnett family known to have been RC. The Catherine Burnett living in Egton village in 1826 was undoubtedly the wife of Thomas, and the Catherine living in Glaisdale was almost certainly one of their daughters. Also in 1826, at the baptism of Thomas Burnett, the youngest son of Thomas and Catherine, a Catherine Burnett was godmother (baptism register of St. Hedda's RC church). It is not possible for one person to be both parent and godparent at a baptism so the existence of a second Catherine Burnett is confirmed and she was almost certainly a sister to the infant Thomas.

Only one other record of this second Catherine has yet been found - she was listed amongst those who received their First Communion at St. Hilda's RC Church, Whitby in 1824. Her age was given as 14yrs - hence born c1810, which is nicely in the 12yr gap between the known children of Thomas and Catherine Burnett of Egton (George b:1803 and Mary b:1815)

15. Mary BURNETT

Mary married George SCARTH (3 Dec 1837, Lythe). A certified copy marriage certificate shows that Mary was age 22yrs at the time of marriage; hence born between 4 Dec 1814 and 3 Dec 1815, inclusive.

Mary and George had nine children, including William SCARTH, b: 11 Jun 1854. William was the executor and a beneficiary of the will of his uncle Francis BURNETT in 1900. William was also the grandfather of Monica VENTRESS of Littlebeck, near Whitby, who provided most of the information about Francis BURNETT, including a copy of his will.

16. Jane BURNETT

Jane's baptism is recorded in the register of St Hedda's RC Church, Egton Bridge. The entry is written in Latin and her name is given as
"Joanna". This entry was incorrectly transcribed as the baptism of John Burnett by J. L. O'Connor, in his book "Hearts of Oak - a Study of Recusancy ..."

Jane married William PALMER in 1839, they had 4 known children.

1841 census: HO107/310/9, folio 30, p6
Mill Field Cottages, Bishopswearmouth, Sunderland, Durham
Wm PALMER, 30, mason, y [born Co. Durham]
Jane     do    , 20, y * 
Ann Rosetta do   , 8, y
James  do   , 1, y
Ann PICKERING, 20, y
Mary BURNETT, 25, y **
William    do  , 18m, y **
*Jane was in fact born in Egton, Yorkshire.
**Next door neighbour Mary BURNETT, and her 18m old son William, were also born in Yorkshire. Mary was Jane's sister-in-law, the wife of brother George BURNETT who was at home in Egton, Yorkshire at the time of this census with another two children.

Jane's daughter Ann Rosetta became a teacher in a Roman Catholic school and married James Joseph KENNEDY at Bishopswearmouth in 1865. Ann Rosetta, wife of James KENNEDY of Barnard Castle, was a beneficiary of the will of Jane's brother Francis BURNETT, written in 1898.

1851 census: HO107/2395, folio 211, p20
29 Castle Street, Bishopswearmouth, Durham
William PALMER, head, 40, mason, Bishopswearmouth
Jane do , wife, 33, Egton, Yorks.
Ann R. do , dau, 18, Catholic shool teacher, Bishopswearmouth
James do , son, 11, scholar, Bishopswearmouth
Mary J. do , dau, 6, do do
William do , son, 3, do do
Daughter Mary Jane married Thomas DUNNE at Bishop Auckland in 1867. Niece Mary, wife of Thomas DUNN (sic) of Consett, Co. Durham, commercial traveller, was also a beneficiary of the will of Francis BURNETT in 1898.

1881 census: RG11/5007, folio 104, p5
30 Dock St. East, Monkwearmouth Shore, Durham
William PALMER, head, 33, plumber, Sunderland, Durham
Elizabeth do , wife, 32, Mickley, Northumberland
Margaret do  , dau, 8, scholar, Sunderland, Durham
Jane do , dau, 6, dodo
Mary H. do  , dau, 3, dodo
Elizabeth A. do  , dau, 7 mdo
Jane PALMER  ,mother, 64, wid, Egton, Yorkshire* (given age 64yrs consistent with birth in 1817)

No further record of Jane yet found.

18. Francis BURNETT

Francis was born in c1822 at Egton.

Francis Burnett was godfather at the baptism of his nephew William, son of his brother George Burnett, in 1839, at St Hedda's RC Church, Egton Bridge. He was listed as a member of the congregation, and of the "Holy Guild of St Hedda", in 1840.

Francis served an apprenticeship as a tailor with his brother-in-law George Scarth, his sister Mary's husband - he also spent some time working in Barnard Castle. He later worked as a journeyman tailor and was recorded as such in the 1851 census; when he was staying with his nephew William [above] at the home of William Harrison, also a tailor, at Hartlepool in Durham. [HO107/2384, folio 304, p22]

On 16 Nov 1853 younger brother Thomas, who had emigrated in 1851, paid a deposit to sponsor Francis' immigration into Australia.  Francis arrived in Australia aboard the ship "China" in 1854 and spent the next 21yrs working as a tailor and making speculative investments in gold mining. He returned to England in 1875, a relatively wealthy man, and lived in Whitby. He married Elizabeth Ann NOBLE, the widow of Mark Noble who was Lord of the Manor of Aislaby. A 'condition' of the marriage was that, should Francis and Elizabeth not have any children, the manorial rights would revert to the Noble family upon Elizabeth's death. This is indeed what happened; though Francis continued to run the affairs of the Manor on behalf of his wife's sister-in-law Mrs. Elizabeth HATT (formerly Elizabeth NOBLE) - who became "the Lady of the Manor of Aislaby".

Francis was the donor of the "Stations of the Cross" inside St. Hedda's RC church at Egton Bridge, in memory of his mother Catherine Burnett. He also gave a set of "Stations" to St. Hilda's RC Church Whitby, in memory of his wife Elizabeth Ann.

Francis died at no.17 Park Tce, Whitby, where he had lived since returning to England. He was buried in the Noble family plot where his wife had been buried 9yrs before him. He left a will in which, since he was a widower, with no children of his own, he made his nephews and nieces, children of his named brothers and sisters, the main beneficiaries. The names in this will proved invaluable in constructing a family tree for this branch of the Burnett family. 


Elizabeth Ann was one of two daughters of John and Ann SANDERSON. She married Mark NOBLE Esq. of Aislaby Hall (Lord of the Manor of Aislaby), who died at the age of 40yrs in 1867 - they had no surviving children. Elizabeth Ann NOBLE became one of the Ladies of the Manor of Aislaby and when she married Francis BURNETT in 1875, a marriage settlement was drawn up to ensure that her estate would revert to the NOBLE family, should she not have children with Francis. A stained glass window in St Hilda's RC Church, commemorates her mother Ann and, after Elizabeth died, the Stations of the Cross which are now inside the church were donated by her husband Francis in her memory.

3. Elizabeth BURNETT

Elizabeth was undoubtedly the mother of an illegitimate daughter named Hannah. The Goathland parish register has the baptism of Hannah daughter of Elizabeth BURNITT on 9 Sep 1798 and Elizabeth, daughter of John & Elizabeth BURNETT of Egton, this Elizabeth, is the only known individual who could possibly have been the mother of Hannah. This conclusion is strengthened by 1851 census returns for Stokesley which show a Hannah BURNETT, age 49, born Egton - known to be the mother of at least three illegitimate children of her own.

Elizabeth married farmer Joseph BAYLIEFF in Danby on 26 Aug 1807. The marriage was by licence. Witnesses were John Hutton and George Hogarth (parish clerk). Bondsman was William Turnbull, a watchmaker from Whitby. Joseph and Elizabeth had five known children, all baptised in Danby:

Joseph Baylieff ====== Elizabeth Burnett
John         Mary          Elizabeth           Esther         Lucy
1807        1811            1813                1816         1818

At the time of the 1841 census Elizabeth was living with her family in Farndale. Living with them was a 10yr old Thomas BURNETT:
HO107/1263/14, folio 4, p1
Farndale East-Side
Joseph BAYLIFF, 54, farmer, Y (born Yks)
Elizabeth, do, 56, Y
Esther, do, 25, Y
/Thomas BURNET, 10, Y
John ROBSON, 35, Ag Lab, Y
Lucy       do        20, Y **daughter Lucy born 1818 [see above]
Elizabeth  do        9m, Y

In 1812 Joseph's brother Thomas BAYLIEF married Jane SIGSWORTH, in Danby. The groom signed himself BAILEY. At the time of the 1841 census a 10yr old Hannah BORNETT (BURNETT) was living with Tom and Jane BAILEY and their children at Lealholm. Elizabeth's brother, William BURNETT, married Mary SIGSWORTH in 1807, in Danby. Mary was a sister of Thomas BAYLIEF's wife Jane SIGSWORTH. The 10yr old Hannah BURNETT mentioned above was in fact a niece of Tom and Jane (ie. daughter of William and Mary). It was originally thought possible that 10yr old Thomas BURNETT mentioned above was a nephew of Joseph and Elizabeth for the same reason (ie. a son of William and Mary). The two 10yr olds could therefore have been twins. However, Hannah's baptism is recorded in the Egton parish register but not that of Thomas and subsequent research has pointed to different origins for Thomas [see below]

Elizabeth left a will, dated 2 Oct 1850, proved in the Prerogative Court of York on 30 Apr 1851 by Esther BAYLIFF, the daughter and sole executrix. The will names daughter Esther BAYLIFF, spinster, as the main beneficiary but also names son John BAYLIFF and daughters Mary BARTROM, Lucy ROBSON and Elizabeth WOOD as beneficiaries. The will makes no mention of the testator's supposed illegitimate daughter Hannah - who was living in Stokesley at the time of the 1851 census - but daughter Esther, the executor, may have been given 'instructions' about her half-sister.

At the time of the 1851 census daughter Esther was recorded as a 'head of household' at Farndale East-Side. Living with her was Thomas BONNET, age 22, born Helmsley, described as her "nephew". There can be little doubt that Thomas BONNET was the Thomas BURNETT recorded living with Esther and her parents in 1841 census returns for Farndale East-Side [see above]. The fact that Thomas was described as Esther's nephew suggests that he was the son of one of Esther's older siblings, rather than the son of William & Mary BURNETT as suggested above. However, it is far more likely that Thomas was another illegitimate child of Hannah BURNETT, Esther's illegitimate half-sister, who was living in Stokesley at the time of this census [see above]. Thomas' given birthplace, Helmsley, might provide a clue - assuming that he wasn't telling 'porkies'.


Joseph left a will, dated 12 Jan 1846, proved in the Prerogative Court of York 1 Aug 1846 by John BAYLIFF of Farndale East-Side, the son, and William VENTRISS of Bilsdale. The will bequeathed all of Joseph's estate, real & personal, to his wife Elizabeth - if she should survive him [which she did].


John was born in 1777 at Egton, the third of six surviving children of John BURNETT and his wife Elizabeth [nee MEAD]. The entry for his baptism in the Egton parish register describes his father as "opp. innkeeper" [opp. = abbreviated latin oppidum = "town/village"] In other words John's father was an innkeeper in Egton village.

No further record of John has been found before his marriage in 1802. He married Hannah PENNOCK, daughter of Francis PENNOCK & his wife Joan [nee OXLEY], at Egton on 29 Nov 1802. Hannah was obviously known by the alternative name Ann - she was recorded with that name in all records which mention her after her marriage in 1802.

There is an unusual gap of five years after John's marriage to Hannah [Ann] PENNOCK before the first recorded baptism of a child - a daughter named Mary was baptised at Egton on 10 Feb 1807. However, subsequent research has shown that John and Ann had another daughter, named Elizabeth, who was born in c1804 and whose baptism record has not survived.

As a result of detailed research in a range of primary sources the following time-line can be produced:

1807: John bought "Well House" + 5 acres at Stonebeckgate, Little Fryup, Danby.
1807: John made a contribution of 2/6d towards the cost of establishing the Fryup Free School.
1808: John made improvements and additions and raised a mortgage on Well House - possibly still living in Egton at this time.
1810: John living at Little Fryup when son John baptised at Danby.
1811: John living at Fryup when son Philip baptised at Danby.
1812: John sold "Well House".
1813: John bought "Hankills" + 33 acres at Great Moorsholm, Skelton.
1815: John listed as "owner & occupier" at Moorsholm in land tax assessments for parish of Skelton.
1816: In Skelton parish register, at baptism of daughter Ann, John was described as a "labourer".
1818: John NOT listed in land tax assessments [his former land listed with Thomas ROBINSON as owner & occupier].
1819 - 1824: John was described as a "baker" in Loftus parish register at baptisms of three of his children.
1827: John's wife Ann died in Fryup and was buried in Danby churchyard.
1829: John described as "widower of Staithes" in Loftus parish register at his second marriage (to widow Hannah MOORE).
1830: The Rate Book for Hinderwell parish lists John paying rent of £2.10, with a rate charge of 3 pence 3 farthings paid.
1830-1841: John described as a "baker" in registers of Hinderwell parish church at baptisms of further seven children.

1841 census: HO107/1255/14, folio 9, p10
Main St, Staithes.
John BURNETT, 60, baker, born Yks.
Hannah do, 40, born Yks.**-given age, rounded down to nearest 5yrs, is consistent with birth 1797-1801
Mary do, 11, do
Esther do, 8, do
Francis do, 6, do
Thomas do, 4,do
Sarah do, 2, do

1851 census: HO107/2374, folio 750, p20
John BURNETT, head, 67, master baker, Egton**- actual age in 1851 was 74
Hannah do, wife, 58, Staithes**-given age consistent with birth c1793
Sarah do, dau, 10, scholar, Staithes

Shortly after the 1851 census was taken John moved back to Loftus. His name was recorded for the first time in lists of tenants of "other persons within the manor" at courts of the Manor of North & South Loftus in Oct 1851. He was recorded again in 1852, 1853 and 1854 - but these lists appear to have been retrospective because the entry for 1854 was made after John's death. It is perhaps significant that a John UNTHANK was also recorded for the first time in 1851.

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, John, Dec 1853, Guisborough, 9d 259
The death certificate gives John's occupation as baker, residence Loftus, date of death 26 Dec 1853 and age at death 79yrs. Death was registered on 28 Dec 1853 by John HALL of Boulby Farm, Easington - now known to be a son-in-law [the husband of Mary Burnett, John's daughter by his second marriage]. John's actual age in 1853 was 76yrs.

The burial of John BONNETT age 63yrs was recorded in the Loftus parish register on 20 Dec 1853. This was without doubt the burial of baker John so either his burial was mistakenly recorded as having taken place six days before death, or the registrar made an error when transcribing the details from the original for a copy of his death certificate! The burial may have been on 30 Dec 1853 not 20 Dec, or he may have died on 16 Dec 1853 not 26 Dec. Of the two the burial register entry is most suspect - especially as it also gives an age at death which is 13yrs less than it should be.

Hannah (Ann) PENNOCK

There were two or three possible Hannah PENNOCKs who could have married John BURNETT in 1802. Hannah, daughter of John and Hannah, baptised in 1784 in Egton and Ann, daughter of John, baptised in 1785 in Glaisdale, have birthdates which 'match' age at death in 1827 of John BURNETT's wife. However, further research has shown other marriages for these individuals and they can be eliminated as possibilities. There are several pieces of circumstantial evidence linking members of the BURNETT family with the family of Francis PENNOCK and his wife Joan (nee OXLEY). Perhaps the most significant is that these parents did have a daughter named Hannah, baptised in Egton on 26 Dec 1778, and they had a daughter Elizabeth who married Philip READMAN in Egton in 1805. Elizabeth signed the marriage register as Elizabeth PENNACK and an Elizabeth PENNACK signed as a witness to Hannah PENNOCK's marriage to John BURNETT in 1802 - the signatures are the same. Witness Elizabeth was almost certainly bride Hannah's sister and the mystery is solved - they *could* have been cousins, or not related at all, but the balance of probability suggests a closer relationship.

21. Elizabeth BURNETT

Although no record of her baptism has been found there can be no doubt that the Elizabeth BONNET who married William WRIGHT in Hinderwell in 1828 was a daughter of John BURNETT, baker, of Staithes.

John married Hannah PENNOCK at Egton in 1802, there was then an unusual five year gap before they had a son baptised there in 1807. John and his family moved from Egton, first to Fryup, then to Moorsholm and then to Loftus; where John became a baker. It is known that John had moved from Loftus to Staithes before 1829, it is also known that the surname BURNETT was pronounced and was therefore often written as BONNET in the Staithes area. The baker John BURNETT was the only head of household with that surname recorded in the 1841 and 1851 census returns for the parish of Hinderwell.

Elizabeth is described as being "of this parish" in the Hinderwell marriage register when she married William WRIGHT, unfortunately her age at the time is not given. She signed the register. Her husband William was "of Coxwold" and made his mark.

That Elizabeth was a daughter of John BURNETT is more or less confirmed by 1881 census returns for Kirbymoorside:

RG11/4826, folio 68, p19
Piercy End, Kirbymoorside
William WRIGHT, head, 78, farm labourer, Oulston, Yks [Near Coxwold]
Elizabeth      do       wife, 77, Egton Whitby, Yks

Elizabeth WRIGHT, nee BURNETT, was born in Egton and her age in 1881 suggests a birth in c1804 she can only have been a child of John BURNETT and Hannah (Ann) PENNOCK.

From other census returns it is possible to deduce that Elizabeth had at least seven children with William WRIGHT between 1829 and 1845.

Elizabeth died in 1881, probably at Kirbymoorside. [GRO Index of Deaths: WRIGHT, Elizabeth, Dec 1881, Helmsley, 9d 302 Age 78]


William WRIGHT

William is described as being "of Coxwold" in the marriage register of Hinderwell parish church - his age at the time of marriage is not given.  Census returns show that William was actually born at Oulston in the parish of Coxwold..


No evidence has yet been found to suggest that Ann married. Details of her death and burial have also not been found.

28. Hannah BURNETT

The fact that Hannah and her husband Francis HODGSON both died in Scarborough could be very significant. When Hannah's step-mother died in 1859 she was buried in Loftus but her death was not registered in either Whitby or Guisborough Districts. Perhaps she had gone to live with Hannah in Scarborough after husband John BURNETT died in 1853, and was still iin Scarborough when she died -  her body being taken back to Loftus to be buried with her husband.


Hannah's marriage to John BURNETT was her second. She had previously been married to Richard MOORE (Lythe, 1819) her maiden name was UNTHANK. Richard Moore died in 1826 at the age of 30yrs. There were three children of the first marriage, John [1819], Thomas [1821] and Elizabeth [1823]. Elizabeth died in 1827 age 5yrs, Thomas died in 1835 age 14yrs. John apparently survived to become a stepson of John Burnett but was not found with the family at Staithes in 1841 census returns - though he would have been 21yrs old at that time and probably living and working elsewhere.

Hannah's rounded down age in 1841 census returns was recorded as 40 - consistent with birth 1797-1801. Hannah gave her age as 58yrs at the time of the 1851 census and her recorded age at death in 1859 was 66yrs - both are consistent with a birth date in 1792/3. Her burial in Loftus was recorded under the surname BONNET, as was that of her late husband John, but there is no record of her death under this surname, or Burnett in the register of deaths at either Guisborough or Whitby Register Office.

Based on the names given to her children with both Richard Moore and John Burnett it is thought highly likely that Hannah's father was named Francis and her mother Sarah. There was a baptism of Hannah daughter of Francis and Sarah UNTHANK at Hinderwell on 30 Apr 1800, which would be consistent with Hannah's given age in 1841. However, if this was the future second wife of John BURNETT she would have to have been 7yrs old at baptism in order to be consistent with her given age in 1851 and at death in 1859 [see above]. Given ages at death were notoriously inaccurate and the age Hannah gave in 1851 might well have been 'inflated' a little, while her husband John 'deflated' his, in order to disguise their real age difference - which was *at least* 20yrs and possibly 24yrs. For the time being Hannah's parentage remains unproven but  Francis UNTHANK and his wife Sarah ROBINSON, who married at Hinderwell in 1797, are the most likely.

30. Mary BURNETT

Mary was born in Staithes in 1830 and baptised at Hinderwell parish church.

1841 census: with parents & siblings in Staithes - see notes for father John BURNETT.

Mary married John HALL at Hinderwell parish church in 1849 when aged 19yrs.

1851 census: HO107/2375, folio 17, p26
Boulby, Easington [near Guisborough]
John HALL, head, 23, employed in the alum manufacture, Easington
Mary do  , wife, 21, Hinderwell
Ann Elizth do  , dau, 1, Easington
Robert do  , son, 1m, Easington

Mary's husband John HALL was the "informant" who registered the death of her father in 1853. His place of residence was given as Boulby Farm, Easington, at that time.

Mary and husband John HALL had eleven children, of whom two are known to have died as children.  The family living at Rockliffe near Boulby in the parish of Easington.

Mary's husband John HALL died in 1887 - she was recorded as a widow in 1891 census returns, still living at Rockliffe. [RG12/3998, folio 47, p5]

Mary died in 1898  [GRO Index of Deaths: HALL, Mary, Jun 1898, Guisborough, 9d 305 Age 67]

31. Sarah BURNETT

Hinderwell parish register has the following baptisms in 1831:
October 9, Hannah daughter of John & Sarah Burnett, baker. Born September 3.
This was undoubtedly an error in the register - the entry should read Sarah daughter of John & Hannah Burnett.

32. Esther BURNETT

Esther was born in Staithes in 1833 and baptised at Hinderwell parish church.

1841 census: with parents & siblings in Staithes - see notes for father John BURNETT.

1851 census: HO107/2374, folio 666, p1
West Barnby
Thomas WOODWARK, head, 76, farmer, Lyth
Hannah     do   , wife, 62, Mickleby
Thomas     do  , son, 36, unm, Barnby
Esther BONNET ,serv, 20, unm, general servant, Staithes

Esther married Richard SMALLWOOD in 1853 - she was recorded with the surname BONNET when the marriage was registered. [GRO Index of Marriages: Dec 1853, Guisborough, 9d 897].  Census records show that Esther had eight children with husband Richard between 1854 and 1874.  The family lived at Marske in Cleveland.

33. Francis BURNETT

Francis was born in Staithes in 1835 and baptised at Hinderwell parish church.

1841 census: with parents & siblings in Staithes - see notes for father John BURNETT.  No further record of Francis has been found.

34. Thomas BURNETT

Thomas was born in Staithes in 1837 and baptised at Hinderwell parish church.

1841 census: with parents & siblings in Staithes - see notes for father John BURNETT.

Thomas died in 1845 and was buried at Hinderwell. The burial entry in the parish register gives age at death 7 years.
[GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, Thomas, Mar 1845, Whitby, 24  371]


35. Sarah BURNETT

Sarah was born in Staithes in 1839 and baptised at Hinderwell parish church with the name Sarah Elizabeth.

GRO Index of Births: birth registration not found.

1841 census: with parents & siblings in Staithes - see notes for father John BURNETT.

1851 census: with parents in Staithes - see notes for father John BURNETT

No further record of Sarah has so far been found.

36. Margaret BURNETT

Margaret was born in Staithes shortly after the census of 1841 and was baptised at Hinderwell parish church.

GRO Index of Births: - birth registration not found.

1851 census: not recorded with parents in Staithes and not found elsewhere in census returns.

Margaret married Thomas WALKER in 1859.

1861 census: RG9/3652, folio 63, p22
Back Lane, Redcar
Thomas WALKER, head, 25, blacksmith, Lofthouse
Margaret J.   do   ,wife, 22, Staithes
John PATTISON, app, 16, ap blacksmith, Stockton, Durham

Margaret had one child, a daughter named Margaret Anna, with husband Thomas before she died in 1866. She was just 25 years old.
[GRO Index of Deaths: WALKER, Margaret J., Jun 1866, Guisborough, 9d 312  Age 27.]

5. William BURNETT

There is some confusion over the year of William's birth. His baptism was recorded in both the Egton parish register and in the Bishop's Transcript (BT) of the register with date 16 Jan 1779. However, the person who kept the registers at Egton had not changed to the 'new style' calendar when he should have done in 1752 and for many years afterwards continued to enter events which took place during January and February and up to the 25th March after the entries for December. By 1780 however there is evidence that he had begun to change and the use of the old style calendar was not consistent. The date of William's baptism could, therefore, have genuinely been 16 Jan 1779 or it could actually have been 16 Jan 1780. The entry in the parish register describes him as the son of John BURNETT, farmer. However, the entry in the BT describes him as son of John BURNETT, innkeeper. Robert, son of John BURNETT, innkeeper, was also baptised in 1780, on 11 May - either four months after William or one year and four months after. William was a witness at Robert's marriage and they were without doubt brothers. It is possible that they were twins, born in 1780 but for some reason not baptised at the same time.

14 & 15 May 1810: William , with his brother in law George SIGSWORTH, purchased a dwelling house, formerly kept as an inn, plus a "toft" and 2 acres of land in Egton.
[North Riding Register of Deeds: ref. DM, 21, 21, 4 Jun 1810]

12 - 14 May 1814: William and brother-in-law George SIGSWORTH sell their interest in the former inn at Egton to John WILSON of Egton Grange but retain the toft and land.
[North Riding Register of Deeds: ref. DS, 398, 498 & 499, 27 May 1814]

1815: Land tax returns recorded William as "owner and occupier" of land in Egton.

28 - 29 May 1816: William BURNETT and George SIGSWORTH sell the toft and land in Egton to John COCKERILL of Egton Banks.

1818: Land tax returns recorded William as a tenant of D'Oyley SAUNDERS at Cote Bank, Egton.

1841 census: HO107/1255/7, folio 6, p4
Cote Bank, Egton
William BURNET, 60, farmer, Y [born Yks]
William   do, 20, Y
Jane   do, 13, Y
/Elizabeth READMAN, 35, F. S, Y
George BONAS, 13, Ag. lab,. Y

8 Jul 1841: Tithe Apportionment for Egton contains a number of entries under the heading 'lands exempt from the payment of small tithes', including: "A certain farm and lands called Coat [sic] Bank containing by estimation one hundred and two acres, one rood and thirty perches statute measure in the occupation of William Burnett and of which Doyley Saunders is owner"

"Leeds Mercury" newspaper, 20 Jan 1844:
[Auction notice] COTE BANK NEAR EGTON ... by Mr. David Hartley, on Wednesday, the seventh day of February, 1844, at the Angel Inn, Whitby ... at three o'clock in the afternoon. ALL that most eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, called Cote Bank, situate in the township of Egton ... The estate is divided into four compact farms ... in the several occupations of William Burnett, William Mead, William Cooper and George Wood, as tenants from year to year.

The sale of Cote Bank estate may well have been the 'catalyst' that prompted William BURNETT's retirement from farming.

1851 census: HO107/2374, folio 614, p2
William JOHNSON, head, 38, labourer in cement works, Lythe
Sarah   do  , wife, 35, Lythe**
Four children under 12yrs plus
William BURNETT, father/law, wid, retired farmer, Lythe**
[** William and his daughter Sarah were born in Egton, which strictly speaking was a chapelry within the parish of Lythe]

1861 census: RG9/3646, folio 106, p18
William BURNETT, 84, wid, retired farmer, Egton was recorded as a "boarder" at Moor Gate, Goathland; the home of son-in-law Joseph OXLEY and daughter Mary. William's married daughter Elizabeth LAIDLEY was also recorded as a boarder.

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, William, Sep 1862, Whitby, 9d 251

William left a will proved at York 7 Aug 1863, effects less than £200. Son William was sole executor.

37. George BURNETT

George is the only one of the nine children of William BURNETT and Mary nee SIGSWORTH for which no further information has been found after his baptism at Danby in 1808. In particular there is no record of him in national indexes to census returns 1841 - 1901 inclusive. It is therefore very likely that George died before 1841 - though it is also possible that he emigrated as a young man.  A large number of people emigrated to Canada on ships that sailed from Whitby during the early 1830's.

38. Elizabeth BURNETT

Elizabeth married William LAIDLEY (LAIDLER) on 12 Nov 1832 in Egton parish church. Witnesses were William ROE, Dorothy COOPER, and George BURNETT. Witness George BURNETT was Elizabeth's cousin - son of her uncle Thomas. William LAIDLEY was a Roman Catholic and the five known children of the marriage were baptised at St. Hedda's RC church in Egton Bridge: Margaret, born Oct 1833, buried 29 Jan 1834; Matthew born 7 Dec 1834; William born 7 Jan 1837; Ann born 27 Mar 1839; George born 11 Apr 1841.

(Waddington Papers - Lit.& Phil. Library, Whitby)
An entry in these papers dated 2 Oct 1880 states that Elizabeth's husband William LAIDLEY "performed public penance at Egton Bridge Roman Catholic church about 1855 for leaving his wife, to whom he had behaved very cruelly" This is presumably why Elizabeth was staying at Moorgate in 1861 (see below)

1861 census: Elizabeth was recoded as a boarder with her sister Mary and brother-in-law, farmer Joseph OXLEY, at Moorgate, Goathland. Also recorded as a boarder was her retired father William BURNETT.

7 Aug 1863: Elizabeth was a beneficiary of her father's will under her married name Elizabeth LAIDLEY.

After William LAIDLEY died Elizabeth married for a second time. Her second husband was Thomas HILL of Glaisdale. Thomas died on 1 Mar 1881 and Elizabeth went to stay with her daughter Ann, who was married and living in Darlington. Elizabeth died in Darlington on 3 Sep 1881 aged 70yrs. [Dates of death from the Waddington Papers]

40. Sarah BURNETT

Sarah married William JOHNSON, a cement works labourer, in 1837. They had at least four children.

1841 census: ?

1851 census: HO107/2374, folio 614, p2
Living with husband and four children in East Row. Her father William BURNETT was living with them at the time. Her brother William was farming at Raven Hill Farm, which is close to East Row.

20 Nov 1861: mentioned in her father's will as " late daughter Sarah JOHNSON". Her share of her father's estate was divided equally between her four children.

GRO Index of Deaths: JOHNSON, Sarah, Dec 1857, Whitby, 9d 10(35)?

41. Mary BURNETT

Mary married twice. Her first husband was William PEARSON, with whom she had at least three children before he died : John 1841, Hannah 1843, William 1846.

1841 census: HO107/1255/7, folio 35, p6
Julian Park, Egton
William PEIRSON, 20, farmer, Y [born Yks].
Mary do, 20, Y
John do, 1m, Y
/George do, 60, ind, Y
[Husband William died before 1851 and at the time of the 1851 census Mary's brother Phlip BURNETT was farming at Julian Park]

1851 census: HO107/2374, folio 9, p10
Eller Carr, Goathland
Mary PEARSON, widow, 32, born Egton was living & working as housekeeper with farmer Joseph OXLEY. She had three children with her, Hannah aged 7 and William aged 5, both born at Egton, and an infant George born at Goathland. George may have been the illegitimate son of Joseph OXLEY, whom Mary married in 1855. They had two other children, Mary 1856 and Joseph 1859.

1861 census: RG9/3646, folio 106, p18
Moor Gate, Goathland.
Joseph OXLEY, head, 52, farmer of 20 acres, Egton
Mary   do  , wife, 43, Egton
Mary   do  , dau, 5, Goathland
Joseph  do  , son, 2, do
Hannah PEIRSON, dau/law, 18, domestic servant, Egton
William   do  , son/law, 15, Egton
George   do  , son/law, 10, scholar, Goathland
James     do  , son/law, 7, scholar, Goathland
William BURNETT, boarder, 84, wid, retired farmer, Egton
Elizabeth LAIDLEY, boarder, 49, mar, Egton
William MOODY, lodger, 35, unm, ag. lab., Nottinghamshire
John BARKER, lodger, 33, unm, ag. lab., Rillington
Elizabeth LAIDLEY was formerly Elizabeth BURNETT, Mary's sister. Elizabeth had been abandoned by her husband. William BURNETT was the father of Mary and Elizabeth - formerly farmed at Coat Bank, Egton. The PEIRSON children were of course Joseph OXLEY's step-children not his in-laws; indeed if George PEIRSON was Joseph's illegitimate child then so was James PEIRSON and they were in fact not step-sons but his natural sons. Seems Joseph finally had a fit of conscience and made an 'honest' woman of Mary when she fell pregnant again with his daughter Mary!!

7 Aug 1863: Mary was a beneficiary of her father's will under her married name Mary OXLEY

Joseph OXLEY

1841 census: HO107/1255/8, folio 30, p1
Fryup, Glaisdale
Joseph OXLEY, 30, farmer, born Yks.
Jane do, 20, born Yks
Mary do,  2, born Yks.

Joseph appears to have been married three times. He married first wife Hannah CORNFORTH in 1837 at Danby and she was thought to have been the mother of the 2yr old Mary in the above census return. However, IGI shows a Mary OXLEY, daughter of Joseph & *Jane* OXLEY, baptised at Stokesley on 1 Apr 1838. Joseph OXLEY married Jane SANDERSON in Danby on 1 Apr 1841, shortly before the 1841 census, but supposed first wife Hannah did not die until 1839 [GRO Index of Deaths: OXLEY, Hannah, Mar 1839, Whitby, 24 329] It is possible that the IGI entry is incorrect and that Mary was baptised on 1 Apr 1839 but if Jane *was* her mother it would mean that Joseph had embarked on an extra-marital relationship with her at least six months before his first wife Hannah died. Jane had to wait two years before Joseph married her and Joseph was to repeat this performance by having two illegitimate children with his third wife, the widow Mary PIERSON, nee BURNETT, before marrying her - having kept her waiting for about five years [see notes for third wife Mary [BURNETT} PIERSON]

44. Jane BURNETT

7 Aug 1863: was a beneficiary of her father's will under her married name Jane BAKER, wife of George BAKER.

45. Hannah BURNETT

1841 census: HO107/1255/8, folio 5, p1
Lealholm Hall
Thomas BALEY [sic], 60, farmer, Y [born Yks]
Jane do, 50, Y
Jane do, 15, Y
Hannah BORNET [sic], 10, Y
Mary EASTON, 3, Y
John FOSTER, 2, Y
plus two male ag. labs & one female servant.

Hannah BORNET was undoubtedly Hannah BURNETT, daughter of William BURNETT of Coat Bank, Egton. Thomas BALEY's wife Jane was William BURNETT's sister-in-law. The other two children living with Thomas and Jane at this time might also have been relatives - this may be interesting to research further.

1851 census: Hannah was a servant for farmer Robert FEASTER in Egton.

7 Aug 1863: was a beneficiary of her father's will under her married name Hannah WEBSTER
NB: (FEASTER may be a mis-transcribed WEBSTER or FOSTER  in 1851 census returns)

It seems likely that Hannah married a William WEBSTER. The following children were baptised at Danby in Cleveland for parents William & Hannah WEBSTER: Thomas John (1855); Hannah (1856); Thomas (1858); William (1861); Ellen (1862); Jane Ann (1869).

1881 census: RG11/ 4845,  Folio 47, Page 6:
Hannah WEBSTER, head, wid, 50, charwoman, Egton
Jane Ann WEBSTER, dau, 12, scholar, Greenhowe (sic)
John HUMBLE, widr, 66, house thatcher, Baurgh

6. Robert BURNETT

It is possible that Robert was a twin to William Burnett (bap: 16 Jan 1780). It may have been that William was baptised immediately after birth because he was not expected to live, and Robert was baptised later, at four months old. William was a witness at Robert's marriage in 1805.

Robert married Mary STONEHOUSE in 1805 at Fylingdales.  There was only one child of the marriage, daughter Esther, before Robert died in 1807 aged just 27 years.  Not surprisingly his widow Mary married again - her second husband being Francis HARRISON.


Mary's parents were named William and Esther.

Mary married again shortly after her first husband Robert BURNETT died - she married Francis HARRISON.

47. Esther BURNETT

Esther gave birth to an illegitimate child on 30 Oct 1831. The child was named William and was baptised in Fylingdales on 27 Nov 1831. William died at six months and was buried in Fylingdales on 18 Apr 1832. Esther married David KNAGGS in Fylingdales on 24 Nov 1833 - David may have been the father of William.

8. Philip BURNETT

Parish registers of Skelton and Whitby (St. Mary's), where Philip's children were baptised, show him as a mariner.

Four of Philip's then eleven children died in 1830; suggesting some kind of epidemic in the Whitby area at that time.

1841 census: HO107/1265/10, folio 7, p5
Philip BURNETT 50, weaver, Y [born Yks]
Joanah do, 50, Y
Philip do, 13, Y
Jane do, 10, Y
Mary do, 8, Y
Robert do, 4m, Y
/Ruth HODGSON, 70, Ind, Y
The fact that Philip had a daughter named Ruth suggest that the Ruth HODGSON recorded living with him in 1841 census returns [see above] was a relative - at first thought to have been his mother-in-law, however, further research has shown that Philip's wife was the former Joanna HUGILL, daughter of Septimus HUGILL and Mary PREST. The 4 month old Robert BURNETT was the illegitimate son of Philip's daughter Ruth - who was working away from home at the time of this census.

1851 census: HO107/2374, folio 606, p6
Newholm Green
Philip BURNETT, head, 64, wid, linen weaver, Egton
[Living alone]

Philip was not a 'practicing' Catholic, wife Joanna's parents were not Roman Catholics and not one of the baptisms or burials of their children was registered in a RC church. However, Philip himself did have a RC burial in Ugthorpe in 1855, and there was a Philip Burnett listed as an "out of the Church" (note capital letter for Church) member of the "Guild of St. Hedda", at the RC church in Egton Bridge, in 1840. This may have been something to do with his daughter Hannah, who married Matthew ELDERS - who was a Roman Catholic and who worshipped at St. Hedda's. Indeed Philip was living with Matthew and Hannah at the time of his death and Matthew ELDERS registered the death.

Philip's death certificate gives age at death as 68yrs (consistent with birth date) and shows occupation "linen weaver". He died of "inflammation and disease of the scrotum" (after fathering 13 children over in a period of 20 years is it any wonder?!)

Johanna (Joan) HUGILL

1841 census: Joanna was living in Newholm with husband Philip and four children. Also living with them was a Ruth HODGSON age 70+ of "independent means". Philip and Joanna had a child named Ruth and it might be assumed that the child was named after this Ruth HODGSON. However, Joanna's maiden name was HUGILL/HEWGILL and, so far, research has not found any connection with the HODGSON family.

Joanna married Philip in South Shields; probably because they needed to get married in a hurry. Joanna is known to have been pregnant at the time of the marriage (first child John was baptised four months later) and Philip, who was a mariner at that time, may have suggested that Joanna should go with him on one of his voyages for this 'out of town' wedding. All pure speculation of course!!

48. John BURNETT

John was born in the home of his uncle John at Moorsholm. The entry for his baptism in the Skelton parish register confirms this and descibes his father Philip as a "mariner".

1841 census: HO107/1238/5, folio 38, p25-26
Thorp Field House, Thirsk
Rebecca ROB, 40, Y [born Yks]
with seven ROB children age 15 or under
/Eliza GRAHAM, 20, governess, Y
Mary TROLLOPE, 30, housekeeper, Y
John BURNIT, 25, M. S. , Y --*possibly* this John BURNETT, he was one of 11 'servants'; 7 male, 4 female.

50. Robert BURNETT

Twin brother to Ruth.

51. Ruth BURNETT

Twin sister to Robert.

53. Hannah BURNETT

1841 census: HO107/1265/7, folio 6, p5
Hannah BURNITT, 20, born Yks was one of two "female servants" recorded with farmer Thomas BEEFORTH and his family at Sneaton.

1851 census: HO107/2374, folio 40, p9
Living with husband Matthew ELDERS and four children under 10yrs in Egton and described as a "schoolmistress". Hannah's married sister Ruth was recorded as a "visitor".

Hannah had eleven children with husband Matthew, all born in Egton.

Matthew ELDERS

Matthew ELDERS was the informant who registered the death of his father-in-law Philip BURNETT in 1855. Matthew was a Roman Catholic.

57. Philip BURNETT

1841 census:
Philip aged 13yrs, was living with his parents in Newholm.

59. Jane BURNETT

1841 census: aged 10yrs, living with her parents in Newholm.

1851 census: HO107/2374, folio 27, p14
Jane BURNITT, unmarried, 19, born Newholm, was working as a servant to Sarah YEOMAN and her son William at Grosmont, Egton.

60. Mary Emma BURNETT

1841 census: Recorded as plain Mary BURNETT aged 8yrs, living with her parents in Newholm.

1851 census: HO107/2368, folio 140, p23
29 Bedford Street, Scarborough
William JOHNSON, head, 30, journeyman cordwainer, Harwood Dale
Mary   do  , wife, 35, Scarborough
Mary E. BURNETT, visit, unm, 21, house servant, Newholm* [actual age was 18yrs]
Charlotte JESSUP, visit, unm, 18, house servant, Grimsby Lincs.