Descendants of John (BURNAND) BURNETT


43. Philip BURNETT

1841 census: Philip was working for farmer Matthew AGAR at Eller's House, Fryup.

1851 census: HO107/2374, folio 53, p8
Julian Park, Egton
Philip BURNETT, head, 25, farmer 43 acres + 44 moorland, born Egton
Hannahdowife, 21, born Newholm cum Dunsley
John PEARSON, neph, 9, errand boy, born Egton
Egton Estate records show that Philip and William BURNETT (probably Philip's brother) farmed 87acres, 1rood, 34 perches of land for a rent of £37 per annum.

1871 census: RG10/4849, folio 76, p8
Newholm Village[Philip was farming at Manor House Farm]
Phillip BURNETT, head, 46, farmer of 115 acres of land, Egton
Hannahdowife, 41, born Newholm
Mary dodau, 19, Egton,
Richarddoson, 17, assistant on farm, Egton
William doson, 14, dodo
Sarah Jane dodau, 6, scholar, Newholm

1881 census: RG11/4836, folio 8, p9
Phillip BURNETT, head, 55, farmer, born Egton
Hannah BURNETT, wife, 50, born Newholm
Mary BURNETT, daur, unm, 28, born Egton,
William BURNETT, son, unm, 23, works on farm, born Newholm
Sarah J. BURNETT, daur, unm, 17, dressmaker, born Newholm
Richard HILL, father in law, wid, 80, retired farmer, born Ayton Stokesley
Sarah WARD, visitor, 46, labourer's wife, born Newholm
Mary Ann WARD, visitor's daur, unm, 21, born Whitby
John HOGGARTH, serv, unm, 18, general farm servant, born Newholm

1891census: RG12/3995, folio 117, p3
Phillip BURNETT, head, 66, farmer, born Egton
Hannah BURNETT, wife, 61, born Newholm
Sarah Jane BURNETT, daur, s, 26, dressmaker, born Newholm
Robert ATMINSON, serv, 16, farm servant, born Glaisdale
Frederick C. ENGLISH, serv, 14, farm servant, born Raithwaite

1901 census: RG13/4561, folio 16, p7
Newholm cum Dunsley
Philip BURNETT, head, 77, farmer, Egton
Sarah do , dau, 36, unm, Newholm
John do , grson, 12, Whitby
Harry MOORE, serv, 17, agricultural labourer, Ugthorpe
Eliz: BEECON, serv, 17, Guisborough
[Young John's father, Richard BURNETT, and the rest of his family were living in Keighley in 1901, where Richard was working as a carter for a contractor]

Monumental Inscription, Egton Churchyard:
"In memory of Philip Burnett of Newholm, who died April 11th 1912 age 78yrs. Also of Hannah his wife who died June 12th 1897 age 68yrs. Also of their children: William died May 28th 1856 age 3 months, John died January 17th 1863 age 2yrs 6 months, Mary died May 16th 1888 age 37yrs, Richard died March 31st 1903 age 49yrs. Also of William son of the above, born May 18th 1857, died December 31st 1941 - interred at Sheffield."

Hannah HILL

At the time of the 1841 census Hannah, aged 10, was living with her father Richard on his farm in Newholm. There was no record of her
mother, who may have been away at the time. Living close by, in Newholm, was Philip Burnett and his family - including a 13yr old son Philip. This WAS NOT the Philip who Hannah would eventually marry. Hannah's future husband was the son of William Burnett of Cote Bank Farm near Egton, and at the time of this census he was working on a farm in Great Fryup, Danby.

1851 census: Hannah, age 21yrs, was living with husband Philip at Julian Park. Birthplace given as Newholm-cum-Dunsley. Year of birth confirmed by age at death (68) in 1897.

144. Mary BURNETT

GRO Index of Births: BURNETT, Mary, Dec 1851, Whitby, xxiv 618

146. William BURNETT

GRO Index of Births: BURNETT, William, Mar 1856, Whitby, 9d 367

The Egton parish register records the baptism of William, on 25 Feb 1856, and his burial 14 weeks later. The residence at time of death was given as Julian Park.

148. John BURNETT

GRO Index of Births: BURNETT, John, Sep 1860, Whitby, 9d 369

149. Sarah Jane BURNETT

GRO Index of Births: BURNETT, Sarah Jane, Jun 1864, Whitby, 9d 414

Sarah Jane married John BURNETT, recently returned from Perth, West Australia, grandson of Robert BURNETT of Old Hall Farm, Ruswarp, on 23 Jul 1913 in St Mary's Parish Church, Whitby. John was in fact Sarah Jane's second cousin, once removed. He was named John Thomas BURNETT and identified as the grandson of Robert BURNETT, living at The Hall Farm, Ruswarp, at the time of the 1881census. John would have been 43yrs old at his marriage in 1913, Sarah was 49yrs old at the time of this marriage.

John Thomas BURNETT

GRO Index of Births: BURNETT, John Thomas, Jun 1870, Whitby, 9d421

John Thomas was the illegitimate son of his mother Ann Elizabeth (Hannah) BURNETT. His father's name was not given at the time of his baptism in St. John's Church Whitby on 6 Jun 1870. His mother was described as a "spinster" at the baptism but married James ELDERS just two months later. However, it can't be assumed that James was the father of John Thomas.

John Thomas was living with his grandfather Robert BURNETT at "The Hall Farm", Ruswarp, at the time of the 1881 census - age 11yrs, birthplace Newholm cum Dunsley.

A marriage announcement in the 'Whitby Gazette' of 1913 indicates that John had lived in Perth, Western Australia, and the marriage certificate indicates that he was a widower at the time. It may be that John married his first wife while in Australia. The 1913 marriage certificate does not give the name or occupation of John's father - further 'evidence' that he was the illegitimate son of Ann Elizabeth BURNETT.

John died one day short of his 44th birthday having married less than 9 months before. His wife Sarah Jane was his second cousin, once removed - far enough appart on the consanguinity chart to make the marriage acceptable. Sarah Jane married again in 1929.

Monumental inscription, Egton churchyard:
In Loving Memory of John, dearly beloved husband of Sarah Jane Burnett of Newholm, born 12 March 1870 died 11th March 1914 .....

52. Ruth BURNETT

1841 census: HO107/1256/21, folio 2, p1
Ruth BONNETT, age 20yrs, was recorded working as a servant to farmer Henry THISTLE in Aislaby. Ruth's illegitimate son Robert, four months old, was living with her parents in Newholm see notes for father Philip BURNETT.

Ruth had an illegitimate daughter named Ruth, born in 1842.

Ruth married Robert MERCER in 1846 [Dec 1846, Whitby]

1851 census: HO107/2374, folio 40, p9
Ruth MERCER, age 33yrs, born Newholm was recorded as a "visitor" with Matthew ELDERS, his wife Hannah and their four children in Egton Village. Hannah ELDERS was the former Hannah BURNETT, Ruth's sister.

Ruth's husband appears to have been working as an agricultural labourer for farmer William SIMPSON at Kirby Misperton at the time of the 1851 census [HO107/2373, folio 253, p7] and this same individual was recorded as a "widower", working as a foreman for farmer Thomas STOCKDALE at Swinton, near Appleton-le-Street in 1861 census returns [RG9/3625, folio 27, p11]

GRO Index of Deaths: MERCER, Ruth, Jun 1859, Pickering, 9d 241

150. Robert BURNETT

Robert's baptism was recorded under the surname BARNET in the Whitby parish register. The GRO Index of Births also records Robert's birth under this surname but there is no doubt that he was the son of Ruth BURNETT, daughter of Philip and Joanna BURNETT of Newholm. Robert was presumably illegitimate - no father's name was given in the baptism record.

1841 census returns for Newholm include Philip BURNETT with his wife Joanna and four children under the age of 15yrs - including 4 month old Robert BURNETT; who was undoubtedly their grandson [HO107/1265/10, folio 7, p5]. Robert's mother, Ruth, was not at home at the time of the census. It would appear that she was living-in and working for farmer Henry THISTLE at Aislaby [HO107/1256/21, folio 2, p1].

Poor Law records contain a list of "Bastard Children Chargeable to the Whitby Union" dated 15 Jan 1842. The list for Egton includes a Ruth BURNETT. It seems very likely that this child was an illegitimate sister to Robert. Mother Ruth was obviously a slow learner!!

1851 census: HO107/2374, folio 45, p19
Robert BURNELL, age 10, born Newholm, was recorded as a "visitor" with farmer George FLETCHER, his wife Hannah and their children at "Shorefoot", Egton. There were known connections between the FLETCHER family and the BURNETT family and this was without doubt an enumeration error - Robert's surname should be BURNETT.

Robert has not been found in any of the census returns 1861 - 1891 inclusive.

Robert married Annie DENNEY in 1885

1901 census: RG13/4554, folio 34, p4
Undercliff, Pickering
Robert BURNETT, head, 60, general labourer, Whitby
Annie dowife, 58, Cropton
William DENEYstep son, 18, sing, market gardener, Pickering

151. Ruth BURNETT

Poor Law records contain a list of "Bastard Children Chargeable to the Whitby Union" dated 15 Jan 1842. The list for Egton includes a Ruth BURNETT. It seems highly likely that this child was an illegitimate sister to Robert BURNETT, the illegitimate son of Ruth BURNETT, who was baptised at Whitby in Jan 1841.

There is no other record of Ruth jnr. in any census return, parish register or GRO Index.