Descendants of Thomas BURNETT of Otley


5. George BURNETT

A named beneficiary of the will of his uncle John BURNETT in 1579, George was granted administration of his father Thomas BURNETT's estate in 1596 and was sole executor of the will of his uncle Gabriell BURNETT in 1617. Gabriell's will named George's wife as Margaret - she was a beneficiary, as were George's youngest three children. George is thought to have had another four daughters who were not mentioned in his will**[see below]

George left a will, dated 10 Jul 1637, proved 7 Jan 1640/41, which named his wife Margaret and son Thomas as joint executors. The beneficiaries were, in order of mention:
The children of son George BURNETT of Newall -- £10 each
Anne now wife of son George BURNETT -- £10
Four children of son-in-law Thomas BECKWITH -- £10 each
Daughter Rosamund, wife of Thomas BECKWITH -- £10
Son Thomas BURNETT -- £5 plus a cupboard, a long table and a standbed in the new parlour, a standbed & a table in the cloth parlour, a bed in the middle parlour, a cupboard & the iron range in the body of the house and a standbed in the upper parlour.
Wife Margaret -- two of the best rooms in the house, of her own choice, for her natural life.
Mr HARRISON -- 5s.8d for officiating at the burial [Mr HARRISON was vicar of Otley at the time]
Aged poor of Otley only -- 2d each
Rest of the poor - 1d each
Neighbour Thomas BARKER -- 5/-
Rest of goods to wife Margaret & son Thomas.

**George's will makes no mention of four supposed daughters who were baptised at Otley between 1593 and 1599. The fact that they were not mentioned by Gabriel BURNETT in his will either would suggest that they were married and well provided for by their husbands, or they had died before 1617, or they were children of a different George BURNETT - the latter is most unlikely.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Records Service holds a collection of documents deposited by ROBINSON, TILL and OAKLEY (formerly ROBINSON, SHEFFIELD and TILL), Solicitors of Beverley. This collection includes several documents relating to Otley and the Manor of Otley. With few exceptions these documents include references to individuals named BURNETT [Details in OtleyDeeds.doc]

8. Elizabeth BURNETT

Probably the Elizabeth BRAFFERTON named as a beneficiary of the will of Gabriel BURNETT of Otley in 1617. This Elizabeth had apparently been abandoned by her husband John BRAFFERTON and very careful and generous provision was made for her by Gabriel BURNETT in his will. It is highly likely that Elizabeth BRAFFERTON was the former Elizabeth BURNETT, daughter of Gabriel's nephew George BURNETT, who was sole executor of the will.

The Otley parish register lists the burial of an unnamed child of John BRAFFERTON of Burley in Wharfedale on 29 Oct 1615 and the christening of Mary the illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth BRAFFERTON on 6 Feb 1618/19 - Mary died in 1626 and was buried in Otley on 9 Jul 1626.

13. Rosamund BURNETT

Rosamund is known to have had eight children with husband Thomas BECKWITH - the first four children were unnamed beneficiaries of the will of their grandfather George BURNETT in 1637. The eight children were: Marmaduke [1631], Mary [1633], Margaret [1635], Lucy [1637], John [1638], Elizabeth [1641], Thomas [1646] and Christopher [1647] - all were born and baptised in Pateley Bridge.