Descendants of Thomas BURNETT of Otley


34. William BURNETT

William BURNETT, son & heir apparent of Thomas BURNETT, late of Otley deceased, surrendered a property in Otley - a barn converted into a dwelling house - in a surrender dated 14 May 1687. William BURNETT, son & heir of Thomas BURNETT and Ann his wife, late of Otley, deceased, surrendered 14 acres of land in Newall in a surrender dated 19 May 1694. The same individual [this William BURNETT] was involved in these two surrenders.


Mary was the daughter of John APPLEYARD and his wife Mary FLETCHER.

39. George BURNETT

In spite of the fact that this George would have been just 18yrs old at the time he was undoubtely the George BURNETT who married Ann BRAITHWAITE at Otley on 28 Apr 1672. No other George BURNETT of marriageable age is known to have been living in Otley then.

George BURNETT of Otley, yeoman, first appears in records for the Manor of Otley in a surrender dated 12 Apr 1675 by which he conveyed several pieces of land in Otley, a total of 17 acres, to John BURNETT of Walkington, clerk [George's uncle]. George was involved in further surrenders of land in the Manor of Otley up to but not after one dated 5 Oct 1678. This is consistent with him being the George BURNETT who died at Otley in 1685.

Probate records for the Exchequer & Prerogative Courts of York include an entry in the Act Book for Ainsty Deanery dated 11 Mar 1685/86 recording grant of probate on the will of George BURNETT of Otley, deceased. The entry names Grace BURNETT, relict of the deceased, as sole executrix. The register of wills for 1685 has not survived but the original will has. The will was dated 7 Dec 1685 and George described himself as a "yeoman". The beneficiaries of the will were, in order of mention:

Son [not named] - £50 plus rent from two pieces of land in Otley for an apprenticeship and his maintenance and education during minority
Brother John BURNETT - half share of clothing to include best suit, hat, boots and riding coat
Brother-in-Law Miles FLESHER - half share of clothing
Son-in-Law Theophilus YOUNG - set of silver buttons
Daughter-in-Law Eleanor YOUNG - three young heifers
Sister Maudlin [Magdalen/Madeleine] - 20 shillings [£1]
Mother [not named] - 10 shillings
Friends Richard RHODES and Francis ENGLAND were appointed tutors and trustees to George's son and "assistants" to his wife Grace.
Witnesses were Richard RHODES, Grace FLESHER and Eleanor YOUNG.

The names of the beneficiaries and their relationships with the testator confirm that wife Grace was the former Grace YOUNG, nee FLESHER, born 1637 at Otley, daughter of William FLESHER and his wife Ellen. It is likely that friend Richard RHODES was the man who married "daughter-in-law" [actually step-daughter] Eleanor YOUNG at Otley in 1689.

George was only 31yrs old when he died, his second wife Grace was 17yrs his senior and had seen off two previous husbands. There was some kind of marriage settlement made before Grace married George which concerned real estate which she owned in Otley [see notes for Grace (FLESHER) YOUNG]. It is also interesting to note that the National Archive holds a document which relates to a dispute about the probate on the will of George BURNETT of Otley. The document was dated 1691, the year after Grace herself died [Ref: C7/285/48]

67. George BURNETT

George was a major beneficiary of his father's will in 1685 - though he was not named. The first bequest in the will, after debts and funeral expenses had been paid, was £50 to be "sett apart for the putting forth my son to be an Apprentice to such a calling as shall best like him..". In addition the rent from two closes of land in Otley was to be used for his "maintainance and education during his minority". Two "trusty and beloved friends", Richard RHODES and Francis ENGLAND, were appointed as his "tutors".


An act book for the Ainsty Deanery of the Diocese of York includes an entry for grant of probate on the will of George BURNETT of Otley, deceased, on 11 Mar 1685/86, to Grace BURNETT, relict and sole executrix. There is no surviving registered copy of the will but the original will has survived. The names and relationships of the beneficiaries of this will enable Grace to be positiveley identified as the former Grace YOUNG nee FLESHER. She was born and baptised at Otley in January 1637, daughter of William FLESHER and his wife Ellinge [Ellen] - her brother Miles FLESHER was a beneficiary of the above will of George BURNETT.

Grace also left a will, dated 26 May 1690, the details of which confirm that she was the widow of George BURNETT who died in 1685. The details of the will also confirm that Grace's previous husband had been named YOUNG and that her maiden surname was FLESHER. The will mentions a "settlement and conveyance" made "before my intermarriage (sic) with my late husband George BURNETT" concerning real estate which Grace owned in Otley. It also mentions "legacies bequethed" to her daughter Eleanor YOUNG by her "said late husband". Sole executor of the will was Theophilus YOUNG, her son.

Otley parish register records the baptisms of three children of Michael YOUNGE: Ellinge 1660 [bur: 1662], Ellinge 1662 and Theophilus 1664. This would appear to have been Grace's husband and their children Ellen and Theophilus mentioned in her will. There is no record of the marriage of Michael YOUNG and Grace FLESHER but Michael YOUNGE's burial was recorded at Otley in 1664. It is very likely that Grace had an intervening marriage before she married George BURNETT --- Stephen TOPHAM married Grace YOUNG at Otley in 1668. Again Grace was left a widow within a few years - Stephen TOPHAM was buried at Otley in 1673. There were no known children of this marriage.

It is therefore likely that George BURNETT was the third husband of Grace TOPHAM, formerly YOUNG, nee FLESHER and could have married Grace any time during or after 1673. No marriage has so far been found and since no BURNETT children were mentioned in Grace BURNETT's will it seems reasonable to assume that there were no surviving children of the third marriage either.

50. John BURNETT

John BURNETT of Beverley, gentleman, left a will dated 10 Jul 1691. The beneficiaries of the will, in order of mention, were:
Wife Anne
Son Michael BURNETT
Daughter Anne [under 21]
Daughter Elizabeth [under 21]
Wife Anne was appointed sole executrix and brother-in-law Michael BEILBY was appointed supervisor.

Assuming that the testator was using the relationship brother-in-law in its usual sense, we can deduce that John BURNETT's wife was the former Anne BEILBY. The fact that John & Anne BURNETT named a son Michael and also Anne's brother was named Michael, strongly suggests that the testator's father-in-law was Michael BEILBY.

East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Records Service holds some papers of the Beverley Corporation which include a lease for a year, to lead to a release, relating to property in Hotham -
ref. DDBV/22/1 - date: 23 Feb 1708
1) Ann Burnett, Beverley, spinster
2) Elizabeth Burnett, Beverley, spinster (daughters of John Burnett, deceased)
Property: moiety of cottage, two hempgarths, two closes, two lands and four oxgangs

An entry in the Register of Deeds for the West Riding of Yorkshire dated 19 Apr 1712 includes the following extract:-
"Indenture of feoffment executed with livery and seizin 20 Oct 1711 between John BURNETT of the City of London, mercer, son of John BURNETT late of Beverley, deceased, who was the son of John BURNETT of Walkington, Yorkshire, deceased, and Ann BURNETT of Beverley, widow, mother of the said John BURNETT ....

These two records confirm that John BURNETT of Beverley died before 1708 and lend weight to the assumption that the will of John BURNETT of Beverley which was proved in 1691 was his.


The following documents held at the East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Records Service refer to this Ann BURNETT:

Papers of Robinson, Till and Oakley (formerly Robinson, Sheffield and Till), solicitors, Beverley
Reference: DDRO/62/12
Bond of Obligation relating to the Manor of Otley dated 1722
Parties: 1) John Wressell of Beverley, gentleman, alderm
2) Anne Burnett of the same, widow, and Johanan Beilby of Kingston upon Hull, gentleman, alderman
Property: three copyhold closes of the manor of Otley

Reference: DDRO/62/13
Copy surrender of J. Wressell to the use of his will dated 1731

Reference: DDRI/21/12
Assignment of mortgage relating to property in Beswick in the parish of Leven, as described in DDRI/21/7, dated 25 Mar 1731
Parties: 1) Nicholas Leeke of Beverley, John Wressell of Beverley, alderman, and wife Anne (executor of Anne Burnet
2) John Ferrand, Hull, merchant
Witnesses: James Mihill, Marmaduke Wadman

Reference: DDRO/62/14
Original will of Anne Wressell of Beverley dated 1738
[Access Conditions: Closed for conservation reasons]

IGI has the marriage of John WRESSEL and Ann BURNETT on 2 OCT 1722 at Hutton Cranswick, Yorkshire.


Ann was a spinster in 1712 when, together with her sister Elizabeth, she witnessed a deed of conveyance of land involving her mother Ann BURNETT, widow of Beverley and brother John BURNETT, mercer, of the City of London. It is likely that she was the Ann BURNETT who married Ebenezer PRYE at Beverley on 11 Feb 1728 but this has not been confirmed.

61. George BURNETT

George was living in Briggate, Leeds when he had his daughter Jane baptised at the Mill Hill Presbyterian Chapel on 6 Aug 1699. Six other children were baptised at the same chapel between 1700 and 1713. Briggate was the centre of trade in Leeds during the C17th and C18th and a cloth market was held there. Wealthy merchants lived in the houses fronting the wide street but behind them were the inn yards and courts of Briggate, where people lived and worked in small shops and workshops, and where conditions were overcrowded and squalid.

George BURNETT of Leeds, haberdasher, was one of only three beneficiaries of the will of his brother Joshua BURNETT of Wakefield dated 6 Dec 1718. Joshua's wife Sarah, George's sister-in-law, was another beneficiary. George's son Joshua was the third beneficiary.

The West Riding of Yorkshire Register of Deeds contains an abstract from the will of George BURNETT of Leeds, registered 10 July 1738 at 8 am. [Ref: LL 241, 338] - "A memorial of a will dated the 27th April 1737 made by George BURNETT of Leeds, fellmonger, of and concerning all that the moiety or West end of his messuage or tenement situate at Little Woodhouse called or known by the name of the Oven House consisting of a housestead a parlour two chambers a cellar and a laith or barn adjoining, And the West moiety of the same in two equal parts to be divided of the croft or garth thereto belonging ... the same moieties then in the possession of Thomas RYDER or his assigns. And of those his two messuages or tenements situate on the Miln Hill in Leeds aforesaid, then in the possession of Thomas LINAS and David METCALFE or their respective assigns, together with all [etc.] ... And of all that his other messuage or tenement situate on the Milnhill [sic] aforesaid which he lately rebuilt or repaired and the workshop at the end of the yard on the back of the same messuage both which said messuage and workshop were then in the possession of his son Thomas BURNETT. And also the parlour belonging the said messuage then in the possession of the said David METCALFE or his assigns together with all [etc.] ... And all those his other two messuages situate on the Milnhill aforesaid then in the possession of his son George BURNETT and Thomas STEPHENSON or their respective assigns together with all [etc.] ... And all that the other moiety or East end of ... the Oven House at Little Woodhouse now occupied by John KIRTON or his assigns. The execution of which will is witnessed by Charles CHARNOCK, clothmaker, Thomas WOKITH, gentleman and Penelope WOOKITH, mother of the said Thomas WOKITH, all of Leeds.
Signed and sealed by Thomas BURNETT a devisee in the said will mentioned in the presence of Robert BARKER and Thomas WOKITH."

The abstract in the Register of Deeds was concerned only with real estate - the will itself also concerned personal estate and gave more detail. The beneficiaries, in order of mention, were:
Son Joshua BURNETT [sole executor]
Son Thomas BURNETT
Grandson Thomas SAUL
Son George BURNETT
Granddaughter Hannah SAUL
Daughter Mary now the wife of John POTTLE
Grandchildren Joseph, Rachel, Hannah and Sarah LAMBERT, children of daughter Mary by her late husband Joseph LAMBERT, deceased.
Daughter Susanna wife of James WHITAKER
Probate on the will was granted to son Joshua BURNETT on 15 Aug 1738

The parents of grandchildren Thomas & Hannah SAUL have yet to be identified, and the marriage of daughter Susanna and her husband James WHITAKER has not yet been found, but daughter Mary appears to have married her presumed first husband, Joseph LAMBERT, at Whitkirk on 16 May 1722.

Almost forty years after George BURNETT's will, in 1773, the will of Sarah BURNETT of Leeds, widow, bequethed two houses at Millhill to her brother-in-law Joshua BURNETT, she also bequeathed a sum of money to Mary DENTON, wife of Thomas DENTON of Little Woodhouse. In his will, in 1781, Joshua BURNETT of Leeds, hatter, mentioned a house at Little Woodhouse, then in the occupation of Thomas DENTON and his wife Mary, and two houses at Millhill. Joshua identified Mary DENTON as his sister

IGI has the marriage of Thomas BURNETT and Sarah MANN in 1748, at Leeds, and it would appear that this was Thomas son of George BURNETT [above].

78. Joshua BURNETT

Joshua was a beneficiary of his brother Thomas' will in 1772 - receiving a legacy of 40 shillings (£2).

Extract from the West Riding of Yorkshire Register of Deeds:
Last will of Joshua BURNETT of Leeds. Registered 1 Dec 1781 at 3 pm.
Ref: CK 125, 161
A memorial of a will dated 5 May 1780 made by Joshua BURNETT of Leeds, hatter, deceased, of and concerning all that dwelling house or tenement, barn and garth situate at Little Woodhouse, Leeds, then in the possession of Thomas DENTON and Mary his wife, together with all [etc.] ... And two dwelling houses situate at Millhill at Leeds, one then occupied by the testator the other by Leonard HOLDSWORTH, together with all [etc.] ... The execution of which will is witnessed by Samuel WADE of Leeds, yeoman, Richard SCHOFIELD of Leeds, hatter and Thomas HOLBECK of Leeds, hatter. Signed by Joshua WALKER one of the trustees named in the will.

The registered copy of Joshua's will identifies Mary DENTON as his sister and Thomas DENTON as his brother in law. The beneficiaries of the will were, in order of mention:
Niece Mary STOOKS, daughter of sister Mary DENTON
Niece Ann THORNTON, daughter of brother George BURNETT, deceased.
Sister Hannah WHITAKER
Michael THOMPSON and Joshua WALKER were appointed trustees and the will was witnessed by Samuel WADE, Richard SCHOFIELD and Thomas ALLISON [not Thomas HOLBECK as in the register of deeds, above]
The will was proved during July 1781.
[Wills Proved in the Prerogative & Exchequer Courts of York, vol. 125, folio 349]

82. Mary BURNETT

“Daughter Mary now the wife of John Pottle” and “grandchildren Joseph, Rachel, Hannah and Sarah Lambert, children of daughter Mary by her late husband Joseph Lambert, deceased” were beneficiaries of the will of George BURNETT of Leeds in 1738. Mary's existence is thus not in doubt. However, whereas all of her siblings were baptised at the Mill Hill Presbyterian Chapel in Leeds, there is no record of Mary's baptism there. There was a Mary son of George BURNITT baptised at St. Peter's parish church in Leeds on 7 Aug 1702 - a date that 'fits' with the marriage of Mary BURNETT to first husband Joseph LAMBERT, at Whitkirk, in 1722 - but George BURNITT, Mary's father, had a daughter named Ann baptised at Mill Hill Presbyterian Chapel in 1702. The Leeds baptisms may therefore be for a different Mary with father named George - which would leave the date and location of Mary's baptism unknown.

It appears that Mary's second husband John POTTLE also died and Mary married for a third time - her third husband being Thomas DENTON. Mary's known brother, Joshua BURNETT, left a will dated 5 May 1781 which named Mary STOOKS, "daughter of my sister Mary DENTON" as a beneficiary. Mary DENTON and her husband Thomas DENTON were also beneficairies of the will of her sister in law Sarah BURNETT, nee MANN, wife of her brother Thomas BURNETT in 1773.

83. Hannah (Susanna) BURNETT

Hannah daughter of George BURNETT was baptised at the Mill Hill Presbyterian Chapel, Leeds in 1704.

"Daughter Susanna, wife of James WHITAKER" was a beneficiary of the will of George BURNETT dated in 1737. "Sister Hannah WHITAKER" was a beneficiary of the will of Joshua BURNETT, son of the above George BURNETT, in 1781. It would appear that Hannah was also known as Susanna within the family.

85. Thomas BURNETT

According to a transcript of the burial register for Leeds parish church, Thomas BURNETT of the "Back Shambles" was buried on 7 May 1772. Widow BURNETT [unnamed] of the "Back Shambles" was buried on 20 Oct? 1775. Without doubt this Thomas and his widow Sarah. The month of Sarah's burial was probably a transcription error - probate on her will was granted in Sep 1775.

Thomas left a will, dated 30 Apr 1772, at Leeds, proved 13 Jun 1772, at York. the beneficiaries in order of mention were:
Wife Sarah BURNETT - all property in Mill Hill, Leeds & residue of estate [sole exec]
Brother Joshua BURNETT - 40 shillings
Brother George BURNETT - 1 shilling
Witnesses were Major THOMPSON, George COULTON & Allan WATSON.

Sarah MANN

Sarah BURNETT of Leeds, widow, left a will dated 20 Nov 1773. Brother in law Joshua BURNETT was one of the main beneficiaries - his bequest mentioned property at Millhill in Leeds. Another beneficiary was Mary DENTON wife of Thomas DENTON of Little Woodhouse. Property at Little Woodhouse had been the subject of a bequest in the will of her father in law George BURNETT in 1737. Mary DENTON was the former Mary BURNETT, Sarah's sister-in-law.