Descendants of Robert BURNETT



1Date of baptism.
"Baptism entry in Husthwaite BT does not give residence - but probably Husthwaite."

2Raskelf parish register (BT).
14 Octr, John BURNET, farmer, buried."

3Husthwaite parish register [BT].
"Baptism 1671
10 Jany, John, son of Robert BURNETT."

4Copy will, , Various.
Microfilm copies of the registers of wills proved in various courts having probate jurisdiction within the Diocese of York before 1858. Some films also available from LDS Family History Library.


Source Media Type: Microfilm.

5Probate records.


1Husthwaite parish register [BT].
"John Burnett of Husthwaite and Ann Wimpe of Sheriff Hutton married, after banns, 13 Feb 1699."

39. John BURNETT

"See notes for John Burnett."

2Raskelf parish register (BT).
"John BURNET, farmer, buried 11 Aug 1743."

3Copy admon.

40. Mary BURNETT

1Date of baptism.

2Raskelf parish register (BT).
"Mary daughter of John BURNETT baptised 25 Apr 1710."

George BELL

1Cundall parish register.
George BELL of Sourby [sic] & Mary BURNET of ye parish of Cundall marryed 9ber ye 13th by publication."


1Date of baptism.

2Raskelf parish register (BT).
"Ann daughter of John BURNETT, yeoman, baptised 17 Nov 1713."

Robert MIERS

1Cundall parish register.
Robert MIERS of ye parish of Myton & Anne BURNET of ye parish of Cundall, spinster, marryd ye 22d April by Banns."
Cundall parish register.

43. Lucina BURNETT

1Date of baptism.

2Raskelf parish register (BT).
"Lucina daughter of John BURNETT, farmer, baptised 12 Jan 1719/20."

William HODGE

1York Minster parish register, Marriages 1743.
"Aug. 4. William Hodge & Lucy Burnitt, both of Crake. (Lic.)."

11. Robert BURNETT

1Estimated date.
"Estimated date of birth based on dates of baptism of siblings and his own marriage in 1704."

2York (Holy Trinity, Kings Court) PRT, Burials 1765.
"Robert BURNETT bur. Sep. 8."

Mary [Ann?] MARTIN

1Thormanby parish register.
10 July, Robert BURNIT and Mary MARTIN married."

2Thormanby parish register.
"1734, Octr 5th. Ann Burnett wif of Robert Burnett buried."


1Thormanby parish register [BT].
"Michael GILBART of Sowerby and Ann BURNETT of this parish,
married per publication of banns 25 Dec 1735."

46. Robert BURNETT

1Date of baptism.

2Thormanby parish register.
16 July, Robert, son of Robert BURNET, buried."

3Husthwaite parish register [BT].
"Baptisms 1709
13 Novr, Robert and Ann, son and daughter of Robert BURNETT."