Descendants of Robert BURNETT


2. Robert BURNETT

In 1662 Robert BURNETT, butcher, became a freeman of the City of York. There is no indication in the Register of Freemen that his freedom was granted by 'patrimony' [ie because his father was already a freeman] or by 'redemption' [ie by paying for it] so it is likely that Robert achieved his freedom by completing an apprenticeship with a freeman. This would usually be at age 21yrs, giving Robert a birth date in c1641 - consistent with him being Robert BURNETT husband of Mary SHARROW [see below].

An index to marriage bonds & allegations issued by the Archbishop of York , 1660 - 1689, includes:
Robert BURNETT, Coxwold, and Mary SHARROW, 25 Apr 1665.
Ages are not given and no indication of parish church for marriage.

Paver's Index to Marriage Licences in the County of York includes the following entry:
"1665 - Robert BURNETT, butcher, age 23yrs, of Coxwold and Margt SHARROW, spinster, age 23yrs. For marriage at St. Michael le Belfrey or St. Olave York."
The parish register of St. Michael le Belfry, York has the marriage of Robert BURNETT and *Mary* SHARROW on 9 May 1665.

Robert BURNETT of Husthwaite and Edward BURNETT of Shipton were joint executors of the will of their brother Thomas BURNETT of Thormanby in 1681. A Robert BURNIT was listed as having two hearths at Thormanby, in hearth tax returns for the Birdforth & Bulmer Wapentakes in 1673. This Robert was identified as the parish constable for Thormanby and it was undoubtedly the same Robert BURNETT who was Churchwarden at Thormanby in 1675. Almost certainly this was Robert BURNETT Snr, father of the Robert BURNETT who married Mary SHARROW above, and of Edward of Shipton and Thomas of Thormanby - Robert Snr. having moved from Husthwaite to Thormanby sometime before 1673.

Robert BURNETT senior of Thormanby and Robert BURNETT junior of Husthwaite accepted responsibility for the "tuition" of Elizabeth BURNETT, daughter of Edward BURNETT of Shipton, deceased, in a bond dated 9 Apr 1687. This document essentially confirms that Robert BURNETT of Thormanby was the father of Robert BURNETT of Husthwaite, Edward BURNETT of Shipton and Thomas BURNETT of Thormanby. All butchers by trade.

Records for the Manor of Husthwaite contain a "Release of Interest" in copyhold land in Husthwaite by Mary NEWARK, dated 2 Jun 1699, from which the following is an extract:
"Whereas Thomas NEWARK of the City of York, gentleman, deceased, did in his lifetime by his surrender leaving date, on or about the eleventh day of May one thousand six hundred eighty and two, surrender into the hands of the Lord of the Manor of Husthwaite by the hands of Robert BURNETT and John GAMBLE, two customary tenants there, all that messuage with ye buildings belonging and all the closes called West Seile Closes, by estimation fifty acres, in Husthwaite, to the use of Olive and Mary NEWARK their heirs and assignes for ever ..."

On 29 May 1707 Robert BURNETT of Husthwaite was bondsman for the grant of administration of the estate of Gabriel NICHOLSON to Jane NICHOLSON, widow. [Jane BURNETT, daughter of Robert BURNETT and Mary, nee SHARROW, married Gabriel NICHOLSON in 1687]. Robert BURNETT of Husthwaite also acted as bondsman for the grant of probate on the will of a William WOOD to Mary WOOD, widow, on 30 Jan 1710/11. [Ann BURNETT, daughter of Robert BURNETT and Mary, nee SHARROW, married Robert WOOD in 1692 - see below]. The signatures of Robert BURNETT on these two bonds are the same.

At the Court Leet & Court Baron of the Manor of Husthwaite on 24 April 1712, the following proceedings were entered into the Court Book:
"At this Court it is found by the Homage that Robert Burnett the elder of Husthwaite in the County of York, Butcher, without the Court, doth surrender into the hands of the Lord of the Manor, by the hands of ... two customary tenants ... all them closes and parcells of ground as they are now divided formerly called the Marrs or Braflats (one little close where the barne now stands only excepted) and all that messuage cottage wherein the said Robert Burnett now liveth, with a barn, stable & croft thereunto belonging ... in Husthwaite and now in the possession of the same Robert Burnett or his assigns ... to the uses hereafter mentioned, that is to say that from or after the decease of the said Robert Burnett the elder and Mary his wife to the use & behoof of John Burnett, sonn and heir of the said Robert Burnett the elder, his heirs and assignes, according to the custom of the said Manor ..."

At a similar court held on 13 Oct 1718 Robert BURNITT of Husthwaite, yeoman, surrendered the close containing the barn, which was excepted in the surrender of 1712, above, to the use of Robert BURNITT of Thormanby his son ... according to the custom of the Manor.

Robert left a will, dated 24 Oct 1724 at Husthwaite, proved 15 Jan 1725, which named his daughter Ann WOOD as sole executrix. The only named beneficiaries of the will were sons John and Robert, who received one guinea each - suggesting that they had already received their share of their father's estate [confirmed by the entries in the Husthwaite Manor Court Book above.] The residue of Robert's ".. personal estate and household goods whatsoever ..." was to be equally divided amongst his daughters. A deceased daughter Mary was mentioned and her share was to be divided amongst her own daughters. John LICKIS was one of the witnesses and he and Robert WOOD, husband of the executrix, were bondsmen for Ann WOOD when she proved the will. The will makes no mention of Robert's wife - which strongly suggests that she died before 24 Oct 1724. Husthwaite BT includes a burial entry for Mary, wife of Robert BURNETT of Husthwaite, on 12 Oct 1724 - without doubt this Robert's wife, the former Mary SHARROW.


Husthwaite BT includes the baptism record for Mary, daughter of George SHAROWE, on 24 Mar 1638 - possibly this Mary.

There was one other sibling: Elizabeth [1637]

George SHARROW of Husthwiate

6. Elizabeth BURNETT

Court Leet of the Manor of Husthwaite, 24 Oct 1665.
"At this court it is found by the Homage that George SHARROW of Husthwaite, yeoman, surrendered into the hands of the Manor by the hands of Brian KITCHINGMAN and William FISHER, two customary tenants .... one close or parcel of ground called Birker ... to the use of John SHARROW sonne of my brother Thomas SHARROW .. provided that the said John SHARROW shall pay or cause to be paid unto Elizabeth BURNETT, daughter of my sister Mary BURNETT, the sum of ten pounds of lawful money when she shall come to the age of one and twenty years ..."

Elizabeth's parents, Robert BURNETT and Mary SHARROW, married at St. Michael le Belfry in the City of York. There was a baptism of Elizabeth, daughter of Robert BURNETT, at St. Michael le Belfry, on 22 Mar 1664/65 - probably the baptism of this Elizabeth BURNETT. She would have been about 8 months old when she was mentioned in the manorial records above, her birth having pre-empted her parents marriage by about 3 months.

10. Mary BURNETT

Mary died before 1725. She was married and had more than one daughter alive in 1724. This much can be gleaned from her father's will, dated 24 Oct 1724 which included the statement " daughter Mary being dead my will & pleasure is that the share which should have fallen to her be equally divided amongst her own daughters ..."

The BT of the Thormanby parish register includes the marriage of Paul FOSTER and Mary BURNET on 25 Apr 1693. The same marriage was included in the BT of Husthwaite parish register but the entry indicates that Mary lived in Husthwaite and Paul in Thormanby and that the marriage was by banns. Obviously the banns would have been published in both parishes but it is unlikely that the couple went through the marriage ceremony twice - the marriage probably took place at Husthwaite, because this was Mary's home parish.

Paul and Mary FOSTER had the following children born at Thormanby:
Mary 1693 - died as infant
John 1695 - died as infant
Robert 1696
George 1698
William - buried 1701
Mary 1701
John 1704
Elizabeth 1706 - died as infant
Ann 1708

The 1708 will of William LILFORTH of Thormanby, husbandman, included George son of Paul FOSTER of Thormanby among the beneficiaries. The will also appointed Robert BURNETT of Husthwaite and John GELSON of Sessay as guardians to George to age 21 yrs. If George died before the age of 21 his "dividend" was to be divided between his surviving brothers and sisters "the children of Paul & Mary FOSTER". Robert BURNETT was without doubt the father of Mary FOSTER, nee BURNETT - though what relationship, if any, there was with William LILFORTH is a matter for conjecture.

3. Edward BURNETT

The Husthwaite BT gives the date for Edward's baptism as 22 Jan 1641/42, a transcript of the original registers gives the date as 8 Jan 1642/43. Both sources need re-checking.

Paver's Index to Yorkshire Marriage Licences includes the following entry:
1673 - Edward BURNETT, butcher, age 26yrs, of Shipton and Grace WEDDELL, spinster, age 22yrs, of Overton. For marriage in Overton or Bishophill Snr. The marriage actually took place at Overton on 12 Jun 1673.

The licence bond does not say so but Edward was a widower. His first wife, named Mary, died in May 1672 and was buried at the same time as their son Robert - who had been baptised just two months earlier. A son named Richard was also buried in 1672.

Edward BURNIT of Shipton cum Overton was listed with one hearth in hearth tax returns for the Birdforth & Bulmer deaneries in 1673

An index to marriage bonds & allegations issued by the Archbishop of York, 1660 - 1689, includes:
Edward BURNETT, 29, Shipton, and Elizabeth HAWKIN, 22, Rufforth, 30 Sep 1676 for marriage at York (St. Mary Bishophill).

Edward BURNETT of Shipton and Robert BURNETT of Husthwaite were joint executors of the will of their brother Thomas BURNETT of Thormanby in August 1681.

Administration of the estate of Edward BURNIT of Shipton, deceased intestate, was granted in the Deanery of Bulmer, on 18 Jan 1681/82, to Elizabeth BURNIT, widow, his relict. Elizabeth presented an inventory and a bond was entered [copy Admon] Three years later on 17 & 18 Oct 1684, administration of the estates of John BURNITT and Ann BURNITT of Shipton - Ann being described as "impubens" [ie a pre-pubescent child] - was also granted to Elizabeth BURNITT, their "mother" [copy Admons]. After three more years on 9 April 1687, two "tuitions" - for Elizabeth and Mary, children of Edward BURNITT deceased - were entered in the Act Book of Bulmer Deanery at York Registry. The bondsmen for these tuitions were Robert BURNETT of Thormanby and Robert BURNETT junior of Husthwaite [copy tuition bond] - Edward's father and brother.

The above tuitions were granted to the two Robert BURNETTs six months after probate was granted on the will of Elizabeth BURNETT of Shipton, widow. The will was dated 16 Oct 1686 and from the bequests made in the will it is possible to deduce that the testator was the former Elizabeth HAWKIN and that she was the third wife of Edward BURNETT of Shipton: Elizabeth left £10 to her brother John HAWKIN and her daughter Mary BURNETT [see above] was described as "... daughter of my husband Edward Burnett by his first wife ..." and daughter Elizabeth BURNETT [see above] was described as "... daughter of my husband Edward by his second wife ...".

Mary SHARPE?(1)

Known to have been named Mary from her burial record in the Overton parish register, her maiden surname was probably SHARPE.
[See notes for daughter Mary BURNETT]

12. Mary BURNETT

Known to have been a daughter of her father's first marriage [see will of her step-mother Elizabeth BURNETT of Shipley 1686]. After her step-mother died, Mary's 'interests' were made the responsibility of Richard and John SHARPE of Shipton, by a "tuition bond" dated 9 Apr 1687. It is highly likely that the bondsmen were close relatives of Mary's mother, also Mary, who named her first son Richard [The mother's maiden name is not known but was probably SHARPE]. Mary's half-sister Elizabeth, a daughter of their father Edward BURNETT's second marriage, was the subject of a similar tuition bond made by Robert BURNETT of Thormanby and Robert BURNETT junior of Husthwaite, the father and brother respectively of Edward BURNETT of Shipton.


Administration of Ann's 'estate' was granted to Elizabeth BURNETT of Shipley, her 'mother', on 18 Oct 1684 - four years after Ann died. Ann was described as "impubens" in the Admon so was probably under 12yrs old at the time of her death - hence born after 1668.

15. John BURNETT

Administration of John's estate was granted to Elizabeth BURNETT of Shipley, his 'mother', on 17 Oct 1684, one year after John's death. An admon on the estate of John's sister Ann was granted to Elizabeth BURNETT the next day. Ann was described in the probate document as "impubens" so was probably under 12yrs old at the time of her death. However, John was not described in this way so was probably born before 1672.

16. Robert BURNETT

Robert was buried at the same time as his mother Mary - having been baptised just two months earlier. A brother named Richard was also buried in 1672.

17. Elizabeth BURNETT

Known to have been a daughter of her father's second marriage [see will of Elizabeth BURNETT of Shipley 1686]. Elizabeth's 'tuition' and that of her sister Mary was made the responsibility of Robert BURNETT of Thormanby and Robert BURNETT junior of Husthwaite in 1687; after Elizabeth BURNETT, their step-mother, had died.

Elizabeth was possibly the individual of that name who married John PIPER at York Minster in 1715. The entry in the marriage register gives: 1715, Dec. 3. John Piper, of Easeingwold, and Elizabeth Burnet, of York.

Grace WEDDELL(2)

It is known that Grace's husband Edward BURNETT married three times. At this stage in the research [Dec 2003] it is known that his third wife was Elizabeth HAWKIN but it is not known if Grace was Edward's first or second wife.

Subsequent research has shown that Grace was Edward BURNETT's second wife. The burial of his first wife Mary was recorded in the Overton parish register in 1672 and Edward married Grace in 1673.

Elizabeth HAWKIN(3)

Administration of the estate of Edward BURNETT of Shipton was granted to Elizabeth BURNETT, widow, his relict, on 18 Jan 1681/82 in the Deanery of Bulmer. Administration of the estates of John BURNETT and Ann BURNETT both of Shipton was also granted to Elizabeth BURNETT, their "mother", on 17 Oct 1684 and 18 Oct 1684 respectively - Ann was described as "impubens" [ie under 11yrs old]. These admons. appear to have been retrospective - ie. the individuals concerned may have died some considerable time before the date of the grant.

Elizabeth left a will, dated 16 Oct 1686 at Shipton, which names a number of beneficiaries including, "... my brother John Hawkin ...". This establishes that Elizabeth's maiden surname was HAWKIN. Also named as beneficiaries were; "... my daughter Marye Burnett daughter of my husband Edward Burnett by his first wife ..." and "... my daughter Elizabeth Burnett daughter of my husband Edward Burnett by his second wife ...". This establishes that Edward had married three times and that Elizabeth was his third wife. It also establishes that the children Mary and Elizabeth mentioned in her will were her step-daughters not her daughters - which in turn suggests that John and Ann, the children mentioned in the admons described above, were also children of her husband's previous wives. However, it is impossible to say for certain and both John and Ann could have been Elizabeth's own natural children - particularly Ann.

Another aspect of Elizabeth's will is very interesting. As sole executor she named Nathan HAWKIN of Gunbur [sic] Grange, her oldest brother. Also named as a beneficiary was nephew William HAWKIN, son of Nathan HAWKIN of Gunbur Grange, Bubwith. Foggathorpe in the parish of Bubwith was the home of Sarah ACKEROYD who married Robert BURNETT, mercer, and freeman of York - father of Cressie BURNETT, Lord Mayor of York in 1667. This further connection with Bubwith may be tenuous but suggest that further research in the registers of Bubwith and neighbouring parishes might prove fruitful.

Probate on the above will was granted to Nathan HAWKIN in the Court of the Dean & Chapter of York. He entered a bond and presented an inventory of Elizabeth's goods and chattels, dated 28 Oct 1686. One of those who "appraised" the inventory was Robert BURNETT - almost certainly the brother of Elizabeth's deceased husband Edward BURNETT. The total 'value' of the inventory was calculated to be £126.12.4d - a tidy sum in 1686.

Six months after Elizabeth's will was proved, in April 1687, "tuitions" were granted on Elizabeth and Mary BURNETT, daughters of Edward BURNETT late of Shipton, deceased - the two daughters mentioned in the will. The welfare of the two girls was made the responsibility of Robert BURNETT of Thormondey (sic) [Thormanby] and Robert BURNETT junior of Husthwaite. Edward's father and brother respectively. The girls no doubt went to live with one or other of the two Roberts and were probably brought up as their own daughters.

4. Thomas BURNETT

Thomas Burnett of Thormanby ... butcher ... left a will dated 21 Aug 1681 which named his brothers Robert Burnett of Husthwaite and Edward Burnett of Shipton as co-executors.

Thormanby parish register has the following entries:
Marcie [sic] wife of Thomas Burnet, buried 7 October 1680
Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Burnet, buried 24 February 1680/81
Thomas Burnet buried 22 August 1681.
Undoubtedly the same Thomas Burnett, his wife and daughter.

The will also charges Robert and Edward Burnett with the responsibility
"... to bring up my Chilldring [sic] ..." and after other conditions states that "... the Remaining parte of my goods to be eaquely devided betwext my tow daughters." It would appear that Thomas did not have a surviving son to carry on this particular branch of the Burnett family tree. The terms of the will also suggest that Thomas died young - his children were obviously minors at the time of his death.

Thomas Burnett had three daughters - two unnamed surviving daughters are mentioned in the will and daughter Elizabeth was already dead and buried before Thomas made his will. The Coxwold parish register contains the marriage of Thomas BURNIT and Mercy HOPPER, on 25 April 1671, and the baptism of Mary daughter of Thomas BURNIT of Angram, on 4 Feb 1671/2. The name of the other surviving daughter is not known.

The witnesses to Thomas' will were Robert Burnet, Robert Burnit and Robert Sparling - all signed. Robert Burnit was almost certainly Thomas' brother; Robert Burnet's signature is rather 'shakey', as if by an older hand, he was probably Thomas' father.


IGI has the baptism of Mercy HOPPER, daughter of Robert and Susan HOPPER, at Hackness, Yorkshire, on 9 Jan 1652/3. This would make Mercy just a few months over 18yrs old at the time of her marriage to Thomas BURNETT. It is of course possible that Mercy had a late baptism - even a number of years late - and equally possible that this was not the Mercy HOPPER who married Thomas BURNETT.