Descendants of Robert BURNETT


50. Robert BURNETT

"Robert BURNETT the younger, of Burley Ing in the parish of Cundall", was the 'purchaser' in a conveyance of property in Easingwold Market Place from Robert WALLER, mercer & grocer, on 14 Oct 1769, and was "admitted as tenant to the said premises" at a Court Leet of the Manor of Easingwold later that same year. The same property, now divided into two dwellings, was conyeyed to Thomas SMITH, grocer, of the City of York, at a similar Court Leet on 25 Apr 1776.

Robert left a will, dated 27 Feb 1813, proved 26 Mar 1813, which named his son Robert as sole executor and main beneficiary. Also named as beneficiaries were sons Timothy and William and daughters Ann, Hannah Mary and Elizabeth. The will stipulated that sons William and Timothy were each to pay an annual sum to their mother - who was not named - for the rest of her life.

Robert was owner/tenant of a substantial amount of property and land. His will mentions a farm and crops at Fawdington; a freehold house and land at "Allthorpe" in the parish of Alne; a house known as "Tindal House" and land known as "Burnett's Land" at Husthwaite; and a 'recently built' house and land known as "High Marsh", also at Husthwaite.

Robert's wife Hannah BURNETT was almost certainly a fairly close relative, a member of the same branch of BURNETT to which Robert belonged. Her parentage remains unconfirmed but it appears most likely that she was the daughter of Robert BURNETT and his wife Mary, nee TEMPLE. [See notes for wife Hannah BURNETT]

Robert was Churchwarden at Cundall in 1812 and signed the Bishop's Transcript of the Cundall Parish register for that year.


Hannah was without doubt a 'cousin' of her husband Robert BURNETT but exactly what degree of kinship they shared is not known with any degree of certainty. She is most likely to have been Robert's first cousin once removed, the daughter of his cousin Robert BURNETT and his wife Mary TEMPLE. However this Hannah was not baptised until 1767 and if she was born during that year would have been just 16yrs old at marriage in 1782. Hannah daughter of Robert & Mary BURNETT would of course have kept her surname if she married Robert BURNETT and the Husthwaite parish register does include the burial record for a Hannah BURNETT age 68 in 1864. The age at death is consistent with birth in 1766 and this Hannah was not described as a spinster [though she wasn't described as a widow either].

86. Robert BURNETT

Main beneficiary of his father's will in 1813 when he inherited a substantial estate.

1841 census: HO107/1249/9, folio 5, p4
Robert BURNETT, 55, schoolmaster, born Yks.
Elizabeth do 55, schoolmistress, born Yks.

Monumental Inscription: Topcliffe [St. Columb] churchyard
"Erected in memory of Robert Burnett late of Dishforth who departed this life 7 Oct 1843 aged 59yrs. Also Margaret [sic] relict of the above Robert Burnett who departed this life 27 Feb 1849 aged 68yrs."

If the Robert BURNETT in the 1841 census return was the one buried at Topcliffe in 1843 then his wife Elizabeth must have died and he married a second wife [Margaret] in the period between the census and Oct 1843. Unless of course Elizabeth & Margaret were alternative names of the same individual.

[The given age at death for Robert suggests birth c1784 - consistent with the date of baptism of Robert son of Robert BURNETT of Burley Ing. The given age of 55yrs in the census return is also consistent with birth c1784]


Peter SWINBANK, a descendant of Ann & her husband Richard TENNANT, provided the following notes:

Ann BURNETT was born in Burling, Cundall, Yorkshire. She was christened on 2 May 1786 in Cundall, Yorkshire. Unfortunately I know nothing at all about her mother. Ann married Richard TENNANT (1786-1858) on May 29 1815 at Alne and they spent their married life farming in the area around Hemingborough. Richard Tennant was born in Flaxton, near Barton-le -Willows, and his father, also Richard, was born in Marton cum Moxby in 1762. Marton is a little bit south of Stillington and so getting close to Burnett territory.

The Tennants were a well-to-do farming family and appear to have been landowners rather than tenant farmers. Richard farmed about 300 acres at Osgodby, near Hemingborough .

Richard and Ann had several children:
1.Sarah, born in Osgodby and christened in Hemingbrough 28 July 1817
2.Hannah born in Osgodby and christened in Hemingbrough 25 December 18
3.Bessey, born in Osgodby and christened in Hemingbrough 11 March 1823
4.Robert Burnett Tennant christened in Hemingbrough 13 November 1824
5.Richard August 1827-March 1828
6.Louisa christened in Hemingbrough 29 October 1828
7.Richard born in Osgodby October 1831
8.Frederick born in Osgodby in 1833 and christened in Hemingbrough 27 October 1833 .

Richard Tennant died on September 6th 1858 and is buried at Barlby. Ann died on 23 July 1864 at Clarence St, Bootham, York, where she was living with her unmarried daughter, Louisa.

Children of Richard and Ann Tennant (Burnett)

1.I know nothing more about Sarah.
2.Hannah married William TAYLOR (1817-1880) at Hemingbrough on February 7 1839 . They had 9 children, but apart from birth dates, I only have information on one of them. See below.
3.Bessey married William SWINBANK (16 December 1819-18 August 1899) of Riccall on 14 May 1857 at Hemingbrough. They had 3 children. William was a tenant farmer at Riccall Grange and farmed 135 acres . Probably not such a good catch for Bessey!
4.Robert married Mary YEOMAN on March 20 1851 at Hemingbrough . He farmed 166 acres at Osgodby .
5.Richard lived only a few months.
6.Louisa probably never married - was living with her widowed mother in 1861.
7.Richard married Anne HALL at Leconfield on 20 May 1857. They had a daughter, Sarah Anne, b.1859, and 3 sons, Samuel Richard b. 1865, William G b.1869, & Herbert J b.1876, about whom I know nothing more.
8.Frederick married Elizabeth (b. 1835, Blisworth, Nottingham) . They had 3 children: Annie b.1862, Marshall b. 1864 & Robert b.1870, and I know no more about them.

88. William BURNETT

William inherited land and property in Husthwaite from his father Robert BURNETT in 1813. He was probably already living in Ripon by then and the property in Husthwaite continued to be leased to tenants. William was appointed Verger at Ripon Cathedral in c1818 and continued in that capacity for forty years. His name can be found in the parish register as a witness to many marriages which took place at the Cathedral.

A Directory of Ripon for 1834 listed BURNETT, W, verger, Kirkgate, under the heading "Gentry & Clergy"

1841 census: HO107/1352/3, folio 32, p12
Kirkgate, Ripon
William BURNETT, 50, verger at cathedral, born Yks.
Janedo50, born Yks.
/Mary MOWER20, do

1851 census: HO107/2281, folio 183
Kirkgate, Ripon
William BURNETT, head, 60, Verger, Cundall
Janedowife, 61, Loftrees [sic] (Lofthouse?)
/Margaret COMMINGS, serv, 14, house servant, Skelton

It was while living in Kirkgate that William provided lodgings for the author Lewis Carroll, from time to time. Lewis Carroll (real name Charles Lutwidge DODGSON) kept a diary/journal which was published by the Lewis Carroll Society in several volumes. There are a number of references to William BURNETT; for example, an entry for Thursday 20 March 1856: "Came down to Ripon by the Great Northern and fell in with Charles Tate at York. He is an architect there. Lodged with Burnett, the Dean's verger." Lewis Carroll's father, Rev Charles DODGSON, was the Rector at Croft on Tees but was also appointed a canon of Ripon Cathedral and had to spend the first three months of each year in residence at Ripon. There were eleven children in the family, so when there were any visitors the house became too full and the older sons moved out into lodgings.

The entry for William's burial in the Ripon parish register indicates that he had been verger and sexton at the Cathedral for 40yrs. There is a memorial to William, and his wife Jane, on the north wall inside the Cathedral. The inscription reads:
"Sacred to the memory of William Burnett, during the long space of 40yrs verger & sexton of the Cathedral of Ripon, who died May 23rd 1858 aged 70yrs. Also Jane, widow of the above, who died Sept 16th 1869 aged 85yrs......".
The age at death given for William is consistent with a birth in c1788.

William was joint executor of the will of Robert Burnett of Thorpe Lodge, Ripon, who died in 1853. The will identifies William as Robert's cousin.

William left a will, dated 17 May 1858, proved at Wakefield 28 Jul 1858, which named his wife Jane BURNETT, Edmund Beckwith OXLEY Esq. of Grantley, Ripon, and Robert Moore BOWMAN, surgeon, of Ripon, as joint executors. The will mentions " ... my messuage, lands and hereditaments situate at in the occupation of my tenant John WOODWARD...." as well as " three cottages or tenements and premises situate in Stammergate in the City of Ripon...". An extract from William's will was "enrolled" at a Court Leet of the Manor of Husthwaite held on 21 Oct 1858 - the property and land at Husthwaite being within the boundaries of the Manor. William's ownership of the property at Husthwaite conclusively proves that he was William, son of Robert Burnett, born 1788 at Burley Ing [Burling] in the parish of Cundall - it was the same property which William inherited in his father's will in 1813.


Jane BURNETT [nee CHAMBERS] died 16 Sep 1869 at Ripon. She left a will, proved at Wakefield 5 Oct 1869 by Thomas Dinsdale of Ripon, sergeant-at-mace. She and her husband William BURNETT are commemorated in a monumental inscription on a plaque mounted on the North wall inside Ripon Cathedral:
"Sacred to the memory of William Burnett, during the long space of 40yrs verger & sexton of the Cathedral of Ripon, who died May 23rd 1858 aged 70yrs. Also Jane, widow of the above, who died Sept 16th 1869 aged 85yrs......".

90. Hannah Mary BURNETT

Named as Hannah Mary in her father's will, proved in 1813, but named as "Mary, daughter of Robert BURNETT of Burling, farmer..." in the Cundall baptism register on 27 Nov 1796. [The IGI lists the baptism of Mary daughter of Robert BARNETT on 30 Dec 1796 at Cundall - certainly the same Mary BURNETT.]

52. Thomas BURNETT

A beneficiary of his brother Timothy's will on 30 Aug 1776 - "I bequeath to my brother Thomas Burnit, batchelor, the sum ofone hundred pounds"

Thomas married Martha ATHAY at Brafferton in 1781 and was described as a "copyholder of Helperby" in the Brafferton parish register at the baptisms of most of their children. At the baptism of son Thomas in 1782 he was described as a "farmer of Helperby"; when son William was baptised in 1784 he was desribed as "copyholder of the 'Out House', Helperby" and at the baptism of daughter Martha in 1799 he was described as "innkeeper of Helperby".

Thomas died shortly after his daughter Martha was born and less than a month later, when he was barely cold in his grave, his widow Martha married again!

92. Thomas BURNETT

1841 census: HO107/1286/1, folio 7, p6
Great Ouseburn
Thomas BURNETT, 55, farmer, born Yks.
Martha BURNETT, 55, born Yks.

1851 census: HO107/2283, folio 367, p10
Great Ouseburn
Thomas BURNETT, head, 66, farmer of 12 acres, born Helperby
Marthadowife, 62, farmer's wife, born Little Ouseburn
John BROWN, visit, 13, scholar, born Great Ouseburn
[Thomas' given age is approximately correct - only 2yrs short - for the Thomas baptised in 1782 at Brafferton.]

Joint executor of his brother Robert's will in 1853 - together with their cousin William Burnett, verger at Ripon Cathedral. Thomas was described as "of Great Ouseburn ... farmer" in probate records when the will was proved on 15 Jun 1853 at York.

93. Robert BURNETT

1841 census: HO107/1352/15, folio 4, p2
Thorpe Lodge, Whitcliffe with Thorpe
Henrietta WADDILOVE, 50, ind. born Yks.
/Robt. BURNETT, 50, M.S., born Yks
Frances PEARSON, 36, F.S., born Yks.
Ellen BELL, 20, F.S., born Yks.

1851 census: HO107/2281, folio 121, p2
Thorpe Lodge, Whitcliffe with Thorpe
H.T.O. WADDILOVE, head, 58, unm, [no occupation given], Ripon
six "servants" including:
Robert BURNETT, serv, 60, unm, groom, Helperby

Robert left a will, dated 5 May 1853, proved at York 15 Jun 1853, which named "... brother Thomas Burnett, farmer, of Great Ouseburn, and cousin William Burnett, verger, of the City of Ripon..." as joint executors. Named beneficiaries included all of Robert's siblings (or their children if sibling was deceased) with the exception of his brother Joseph Burnett. Joseph was recorded as "unmarried" in 1851 census returns and it seems likely that he had died before Robert made his will. The will divided the remainder of the proceeds (after expenses etc.) from the sale of Robert's 'estate' into six parts. Brothers Thomas and Timothy were named as beneficiaries in their own right, but it was the children of brother William who were beneficiaries. Brothers John and George were already deceased - but their children were beneficiaries of the will. Sister Martha was also deceased and, according to the will, had children - who were beneficiaries.

GRO Index of Deaths: BURNETT, Robert, Jun 1853, Ripon, 9a 61

97. Joseph BURNETT

"Baine's Directory" of 1823 lists a Joseph BURNETT at Husthwaite under the heading "wool and cattle dealers"

1851 census:
Joseph was working as a "farm servant" for his brother William at "Skerry Grange", Kirk Deighton, Yorks. Unmarried, age 60yrs, birthplace

Joseph died at Skerry Grange. Administration of his estate was granted in March 1852 in the Prerogative Court of York. He was described in the Admons. as "bachelor, of Skerry Grange in the parish of Kirkby Overblow"

54. William BURNETT

William was a beneficiary and sole executor of the will of his brother Thomas BURNETT of Byram in 1799. The main beneficiary of the will was William's son, William, who received freehold land and property at Newton upon Derwent, near York. Also named as beneficiaries of the will and identified as children of William BURNETT were Frederick, Mary and Ann BURNETT.

William was also the 'beneficiary' of a deed of lease & release on property in Darlington, Durham dated 11 & 12 May 1796 [see notes for brother Thomas BURNETT]. The deed described William as a "gentleman" and gave his residence as Darlington. As well as the freehold property in Darlington the deed also conveyed to William a pew of five seats in the middle aisle of Darlington parish church. This strongly suggests that William had moved with his family to Darlington several years before 1796.

It is possible that William was the man involved in a conveyance of property in Marygate, City of York in 1773:
Indenture of lease & release dated 23 & 24 April 1773
"William BURNETT late of Marygate in the City of York but now of Darlington, innkeeper, of the one part and Richard BIELBY of Marygate, shopkeeper and Sarah his wife of the other part. Concerning a messuage or tenement site in Marygate lately inhabited by said William BURNETT and now by said Richard BIELBY ...."

The William BURNETT involved in this deed was already living in Darlington in April 1773. William BURNETT, the brother of Thomas BURNETT of Byram [this William] had his first child, son Frederick, baptised in the City of York in 1771 but though it is known that he had at least three other children their baptisms have not been found. It is certainly possible that this William had moved to Darlington during or shortly after 1771 and that the rest of his children were born and baptised there [though again their baptisms have not been found].

The deed of 1796 was "attested" on 18 Sep 1821. Perhaps this was part of the legal process after William's death - either probate or administration of his estate? This William would have been 85yrs old in 1821.

100. Frederick BURNETT

A nephew named Frederick was a beneficiary of the will of Thomas BURNETT of Byram in 1798 and was identified as a son of Thomas' brother William BURNETT. IGI has the baptism of Frederick son of William BURNETT at St. Nicholas Goodramgate, in the City of York, on 6 Nov 1771. Until such time as this entry can be checked it has been assumed that this was the baptism of the nephew of Thomas BURNETT

101. William BURNETT

William was the main beneficiary of the will of Thomas BURNETT of Byram in 1799 and was identified as a son of Thomas' brother William BURNETT. William jnr. received "...freehold Newton upon Derwent..." and was requested to pay his brother Frederick £10 per year, however, this request was not a condition of the will.

56. Robert BURNETT

Robert seems to have moved around quite a lot. His first seven children were baptised at Raskelf, the eighth child at Easingwold and the remaining three at Husthwaite. The baptism register for the parish church at Raskelf records the baptism of Robert's son Stephen, on 24 Nov 1777, as follows:
"Stephen Burnett, son of Robert Burnett of Raskelf, farmer, second son of William Burnet, by Mary his wife, daughter of William Temple of Raskelf by Mary his wife, was born 6 November and baptised 24 November".

Robert and his children were named beneficiaries of the will of Thomas BURNETT of Byram (Robert's brother) in 1799. The only child not named was daughter Ann - she died in 1783.

The burials of Robert's parents, William Burnett and his wife Mary, are recorded in the Husthwaite parish register but the burials of Robert himself and wife Mary have yet to be found.

106. William BURNETT

1851 census: HO107/2370, folio 119, p25
William BONNETT, head, 82, retired farmer, Raskelf
Anndowife, 70, Craike
Adelaide CLARKserv, 20, unm, general servant, Craike

William left a will, dated 25 Feb 1852, proved at York 12 Apr 1852, which named nephew Joseph PAPE as sole executor and main beneficiary. Also named as beneficiaries were William's wife Ann and his brother John BURNETT.

110. Stephen BURNETT

The entry in Raskelf parish register for Stephen's baptism reads:
"Stephen Burnett son of Robert Burnett of Raskelf, farmer, second son of William Burnett by Mary his wife, daughter of William Temple of Raskelf by Mary his wife, born 6 Nov 1777, baptised 24 Nov 1777"

It is highly likely that this Stephen BURNETT was the man of that name listed as the Supervisor of Excise at the Excise Office in Halifax in "Baine's Directory" of 1822. Stephen had married Betty LORD at Halifax in 1818 - she ran a "bone setting" practice and surgery in Halifax, as her father James LORD had done before her. Unfortunately Betty died less than 18 months into the marriage on 14 Nov 1819.

By the time of the 1841 census Stephen's job had taken him to Birmingham:

1841 census: HO107/1141/1, folio 26, p6
Summer Lane, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Stephen BURNETT, 60, Supervisor of Ex., No [not born in Warwickshire] was recorded in the household headed by Rachel HOWARD, 40, spinster.

By 1847 Stephen had retired from his job with the Excise Office and was living in the City of York.
"Leeds Mercury" newspaper, 20 Feb 1847:
Stephen Burnett, Holgate lane, York, gent. was listed amongst 'persons of whom the company or partnership [of the National Provincial Bank of England] consists on 23 Jan 1847'

Stephen had obviously brought the spinster Rachel HOWARD, with whom he had been living at the time of the 1841 census [see above], with him to York:

1851 census: HO107/2354, folio 204, p28
5 Holgate Lane, City of York [St Mary Bishophill Jnr.]
Stephen BURNETT, head, wid, 73, landed proprieter, Easingwold
Rachel HOWARD, serv, unm, 52, general servant, Wishaw, Warwickshire

General Directory of York, 1851:
BURNETT, Mr. Stephen, 5 West Par.

Stephen died sometime between 1851 and 1857 - probate on his will was granted in January 1857. His death registration has not been found.

Betty LORD

"Leeds Mercury" newspaper, 20 Nov 1819.
Deaths - On Sunday morning (14 Nov) Mrs. Burnett, wife of Mr. Burnett, supervisor of excise, Halifax, formerly Miss Lord, well known in the neighbourhood for an extensive practice in bone setting and surgery.

112. Mary BURNETT

Possibly the Mary BURNET who married George GATENBY, by licence, at Husthwaite in 1803.

64. John BURNETT

The baptism records for three daughters of John BURNETT:
City of York, St. Saviour
Ann dtr of John BURNETT and Alice FALL, b: 14 Feb 1784, bap: 15 Feb 1784
Sarah dtr of John BURNETT and Alice FALL, b: 11 Apr 1785, bap: 8 May 1785
Jane dtr of John BURNETT and Alice FALL, b: 9 Nov 1786, bap: 13 Dec 1786
The father of John was identified as Stephen BURNETT, father of Alice as William FALL.

This identifies John as the one baptised at Thormanby on 22 Dec 1754, son of Stephen BURNETT and his wife Elizabeth THOMPSON.

John BURNETT of St. Lawrence, York died aged 81 at the almshouse in Heslington, near York, and was buried at Heslington 26 Sep 1834 -
quite possibly this John BURNETT. Age at death is consistent with the known date of baptism of this John in Dec 1754.